As reported in the last issue of Felix, ICU Cinema re-launched this week with a showing of Inception. The event was a runaway success, completely selling out within 10 minutes. A combination of brilliant choice of film, perfect timing at the quiet end of the beginning of term and incredibly friendly pricing – £3 a ticket – taken altogether resulted in the perfect first night for the reborn Cinema Society.

So much so that they have decided to re-show Inception next week after the scheduled showing of Toy Story 3: Tuesday 2nd of November at 6.30pm, resulting in perhaps the most endearingly bonkers double–billing this film editor has ever seen. A staggering amount of work from very committed people went in to getting the Cinema back on its feet, and those of us down here in the Felix basement who love our films on the silver screen for cheap wish them every success in the future. Bring on next Tuesday.

For more information about Tuesday’s Toy Story 3/Inception double-bill, email