“How formal is this place you are taking me to?” my friend Apu called to ask before meeting me at the newly opened Broadway Bar & Grill on Fulham Road. “I don’t think it’s too formal. Relax,” I told him. “Okay, let me ask it this way: Is it a shirt place, or a t-shirt place?” he replied.

Gentlemen, don’t worry. The Broadway turned out to be male-friendly territory. Owner Brenhan Magee explained his inspiration for the bar came from The Living Room chain: a sports bar that isn’t just about sports. Sure enough, flat-screen TVs on the walls were all glaring green when we visited, which could only mean one thing: football. However, the venue’s décor is sophisticated, with dark wood, exposed brick, mirrors and period windows. Our fellow patrons were a well-behaved bunch of 20- and 30-somethings dressed in smart casuals. So even though sports is a big theme here, WAGs can safely tag along: not much chance of having beer spilled on your skirt by rowdy lads here. The staff are a friendly bunch too.

Food at the downstairs bar is similar to other London gastro-pubs: salads, burgers, pasta, steak, chips, club sandwiches and the like. My linguine with meatballs was served with a bunch of grilled Vittoria tomatoes on the vine, which provided a nice bit of tartness to contrast with the sweetness of the sauce. My dining companion chose the real ale battered haddock with chips and pea puree. Surprise surprise, the french fries were nicely thin. Both our dishes came well presented, and the portions were definitely man-sized. Being a girl with a well-developed sweet tooth, I always have space for dessert, but this time I was really struggling. The dessert menu on the night was rather modest: a choice of cheese board, rice pudding and apple crumble. To the bar’s credit, the apple crumble seemed home made from fresh apples, rather than the kind of microwaved pre-fab nonsense one often finds in pubs. Mains at the Broadway bar start at £7.95 and food is served every day from 10 am until 11 pm, with the restaurant staying open until 12.30am for the night owls.

Should you desire more sophisticated dining, venture upstairs to Brasa, the luxury Asador Grill restaurant, where you will find white tablecloths, candles and all the associated romantic paraphernalia emulating a chic New York loft-style feel for impressing your girlfriend. The owners have tried to create a fun sharing experience in South American or Mediterranean styles, centred around quality meat. The staff seem knowledgeable about the origins of their meat, making an effort to seek out rare breeds from around the country to specifically suit the different type of steak, e.g. the large Galloway breed of cow for the large porterhouse steak. Steaks are priced from £18 upwards, and you will also be able to choose from fresh fish, seafood, pheasant or venison on the menu.

Last but not least we must mention the drinks, as this is a bar after all. The connection between sports and beer doesn’t require a big mental leap, so it goes without saying that lagers, ales and cider are available on tap. However, there is also an extensive wine list, with all the major wine-producing nations represented, including France, Italy, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, California… you get the idea. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide array of cocktails, including longs, shorts, martinis and sparkles using Broadway’s exciting homemade infused spirits including chilli vodka, pink grapefruit tequila and lemongrass & ginger rum, with prices ranging from £7.50 and £8.50. One of the featured house cocktails include the Burntdown Tennessee, which encompasses orange-infused Jack Daniels, marmalade and Victorian-style lemonade.

Located literally on the doorstep of Fulham Broadway tube station, the recent opening of Broadway Bar and Grill will be a convenient option for students renting accommodation in the area, and is also in close proximity to one of Imperial’s residence halls, Orient House.

Broadway also offers private dining for up to 25 people and are now taking bookings for Christmas parties.

Broadway Bar and Grill 474-476 Fulham Road, London SW6 1BY. Tel: 020 7610 3137. Website: www.broadwaybandg.co.uk