The Hummus Bros spoke, and we listened. They said, rather politely, “Think outside the sandwich” and we did just that; every bite was a savoury delight. Oh yes, the offerings from Hummus Bros were healthy and accommodating as well. Faithful readers of Felix would have learnt from a previous issue that Hummus is an Arabian dip made from garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) blended with lemon juice and tahini (sesame butter). It is commonly served alongside pita bread as an appetizer. Hummus Bros plated the chickpeas puree as a base on which various condiments were piled upon. Toppings ranged from chunky beef (for the carnivorous) to chickpeas or blended fava beans (for the traditional) to guacamole (for the pretentious). Radiant sprinkles of paprika and parsley provided the spicy and earthy flavour that made the humble hummus that much more vivid, and the dollop of tahini deepened the flavours with a distinct nuttiness. If desired, a bit of garlic-infused lemon juice (in a convenient squirt bottle) can be added to add a slight tartness that complemented the intensity of the toppings. The tasteful ensemble was served with a fluffy (and warm, thank goodness) pita bread. Hummus Bros epitomizes honest freshness, with hummus made daily, the quality far exceeds store bought variants.

Hummus Bros epitomizes honest freshness

Hummus Bros rewards students with a 50% discount on sides and drinks with every hummus dish. The Greek salad came with crisp vegetable cubes topped generously with briny Feta cheese, a brilliant companion to the hummus. Wash everything down with the gently warming spiced apple juice on a cold day or a refreshing mint and ginger lemonade for a warmer one. For those looking for a little candied ending to their meal, go for the Malabi — a petite milk pudding served with an unapologetic and gloriously honeyed syrup.

Also impressive was the customisability offered, a mix of toppings can be chosen instead of just one and the pita bread can be swapped for carrot sticks or tortilla chips. Vegetarian-friendly options were aplenty and the serving staff would offer suggestions and customizations, if required.

Honestly, I was surprised at how delicious the hummus was, simple and clean tasting with no gimmicks. The hummus was fresh and smooth, toppings were full-bodied and attendance was most delightful. If you have been downing one plate too many fish and chips and your arteries scream for your good behaviour, pay Hummus Bros a visit. It is not creative to quote excessively, but I think Hummus Bros’ T-shirts say it best, “Give peas a chance.”

Hummus Bros 88 Wardour Street W1F 0TH. Take-away and delivery available. Nearest tube: Oxford Circus.