ME: Introduce yourself!

KW: I am a first year Computing student from London. I currently reside in the Southside Halls of Residence.

ME: What is your position in Felix?

KW: I am the sports editor. I follow most sports, particularly football, cricket and tennis, so I felt that when the opportunity arose, I could see no reason not to take it on.

ME: How did you get the idea for the Felix app?

KW: I was trying to read an article on my phone one time and found it frustrating. It was inconceivable to think that a newspaper such as Felix, which already had a brilliant website to accompany the printed version, did not have its own app for students to browse on the go.

ME: During your coding stage did you encounter any problems? Did you have to omit any features (e.g.)?

KW: There weren’t any major problems. The API wasn’t well suited to an iPhone app, so I came up with ways to work around that. The maker of the API, Jonathan Kim [an imperial alumni, who also made the website], is currently working on a new version that would ensure the next update of the app works more efficiently.

ME: What are the main features of the app?

KW: Users can (predictably) browse through the latest articles from Felix. In addition to this, we have a sidebar that offers many social features. One can create their own account and post to discussion boards, “like” articles and connect with other users. From early indications, it can be said that it makes for a much more interactive user experience.

ME: What are the some of the current problems with the app?

KW: We are taking a look at ways of implementing a comments section. Unfortunately the only true way of finding problems is by users reporting them. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened yet.

ME: In your opinion, why should people use the app?

KW: For the exact reasons we created it. It is useful for following Felix on the go. Our social features also enhance the Felix experience.

ME: What are your future plans for the app?

KW: There are many. As I said previously we are looking at implementing a comments section. Another item on the list is the addition of an issue archive, allowing students to browse past editions. But, as is the case for most apps, we will try to implement what the user wants us to implement. There is a feedback section in the app’s sidebar that can be used for this, or you could send us an email at

At this point the app is only available for iOS sadly, however there are plans for an android app. If you do own an iOS device and want to try out Kunal’s great work, either click on or just head over to the App Store and search “Felix Imperial”. Just keep in mind that the account you make there is seperate from your official imperial acount.