A fifth person has been reported as having died after taking part in NekNomination online drinking game. Twenty year old Nottingham resident Bradley Eames posted a video of himself downing two pints of gin to Facebook. He died a few days, reportedly from alcohol poisoning, though police have indicated that post-mortem toxicology tests were inconclusive.

NekNomination involves individuals posting videos and images of themselves drinking large quantities of alcohol to the internet and then nominating their friends to do the same. The game is claimed to have begun in Australia but has recently found a lot of popularity in the British Isles.

Its critics maintain that it uses peer pressure to force vulnerable people to perform dangerous stunts. Mr Eames’ death follows that of London hotel worker Isaac Richardson, Cardiff resident Stephen Brooks and Irish citizens Jonny Byrne and Ross Cummins. Byre, a teenager, is said to have thrown himself into a river as part of his challenge.

The BBC reported that the creators of the NekNomination Facebook page have made efforts to counter the dangerous effects of the game. In a statement they said: “We made the decision a few nights ago to no longer continue to run the page the way it was originally set up. All videos have been removed and we’d like to continue as a Neknomination awareness page, highlighting the dangers surrounding the game.” The scandal has also prompted the creation of the ‘Random Acts of Kindness Nomination’ website, which encourages people to post videos of themselves performing acts of charity.