A new room swapping system will be put in place for the next academic year, that will allow first year students in Imperial accommodation to move from one room to another if they so wish.

The new scheme, proposed and put in place by Chris Kaye, the Deputy President (Welfare), was revealed in his Imperial College Union paper last week. The scheme was developed with Kaye in conjunction with Imperial College Campus Services.

The new system will allow students to swap rooms within the same hall with the consent of both parties involved, and will be possible during the first two weeks of the first term of the academic year.

Students with specific welfare issues may be able to move between halls too, and Kaye told Felix that he hopes that the scheme can be expanded to allow more swaps between halls in the future.

Kaye told Felix: “We are very happy with this change and we think it will benefit many students who aren’t completely happy with their room allocation for a number of reasons, be they financial or otherwise.”

Every year there are often a swarm of complaints online on various freshers facebook groups after room allocations take place before the start of the year.

Kaye said that it is a regular annoyance faced by students in the way in which the rooms are allocated in the first place; students currently in halls are asked before they start for five choices of room types that are allocated equal preference.

“Hopefully this will alleviate some of the worries students may have before arriving at Imperial, and ensures their student satisfaction is given paramount concern.”