To kick off the 201617 season, the women of disc Doctors (dD) took part in the annual SICKO Indoors Ultimate Frisbee tournament held in Brighton from the 8th to the 9th of October 2016. Things weren’t looking great for us at the start. It was the first week back at University and it dawned on us that summer was officially over. With looming deadlines, housing issues and Freshers’ week hangovers weighing us down, it was hard to get excited for a weekend of Ultimate Frisbee. However, we rose above such downtrodden attitudes and pushed forward with a paper thin squad of eight. On day one, we played two pool games, our first being against team IRN BREW (yes, the Scottish orange drink) which comprised of a healthy amount of very experienced players. They took the first half from us with ease, but we came back with vengeance and finished just two points behind. Shortly after, we played the Brighton University alumni who go by the name Retired Squaws. Using our young, fresh legs, we scored quickly and took the lead early on in the game. Despite a scrappy second half, our initial lead helped carry us to victory. The third and final game we played was a crossover match versus the Skunks, which we calmly played and eventually won to secure our place in the top eight.

On day two, we fiercely contested all our games, coming home with a final tally of two wins and one loss to finish 5th out of 14 in the women’s division. Over the weekend, we definitely improved and achieved more than we initially aimed to, as well as spent some good-old quality time together as a team (without the boys this time around). With our placing as the top university team in the women’s division, we’re definitely excited for what’s to come for the 201617 season!