The Union this week released its plan so far for 2017-2020 and opened it up to feedback from the student body. This is the final round of drafting, feedback, and re-drafting of the proposals, in a process that’s been ongoing since the start of this calendar year.

The previous round of consultation revealed, unsurprisingly, that the differing categories of students (broken down into first year undergraduates (UGs), second year UGs onwards, and postgraduates) had different opinions on what mattered most. ‘Fun events’ and Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSPs) were most important to first year UGs; in comparison, mental health/wellbeing was more of a priority for UGs in their second year onwards. Postgraduate students felt that CSPs mattered most to them as well, alongside the aforementioned ‘fun events’ category, whatever that means.

A survey on the Union website asked for student opinion on a range of topics, from academic experience to the range of services that are offered by both the Union and College put on. Also touched upon are mental health, financial problems and housing issues. The survey was criticised by some, however, who felt that Student Media was unfairly singled out over other CSPs. One section of the questionnaire revolved around how the various media outlets (including IC Radio, ICTV, and felix) are performing and on an existential level, what their purpose is. The initial version of the survey that was circulated was fraught with both grammatical and formatting mistakes making some questions impossible to answer properly, or at all. It also asked students to directly comment on the performance of the purely student volunteer-run ICTV and IC Radio. This was later amended to focus just on the performance of felix due to its sabbatical editor. Feedback on other sabbatical roles was not requested. The final strategy will be signed off by the Board of Trustees in December and then enacted at the very start of next year.

The survey can be completed via or feedback can be given at sessions at various campuses throughout this month.