The University of Hertfordshire Lacrosse club hosted a tournament to get freshers playing lacrosse, giving them a lot more game time and allowing them to develop their sticks skills. How else would you spend your Sunday? Playing lacrosse of course!

The Men’s 2s gathered at around midday, ready to grab their sticks and take the banter-filled minibus up to Hertfordshire. Having forgotten the cold rains of Saturday’s training, the squad descended upon the pitch and set themselves up against their first opponents in their league of five: UEA. After bagging the equaliser for the 2s in his previous BUCS game, Khris Delizo marked his return to the lacrosse pitch by scoring twice against UEA, winning us our first game. The victories followed quickly: another win against Warwick, with Mike McGill scoring his first goal of the season, and Khris backing himself with two more goals against Lincoln. The iron wall of the long pole defence shut out any shots from the opposition as we held Brunel to a draw. One may argue that these victories were a result of our two coaches Ben Reed and Ross Unwin, players from the Men’s 1s who came to see how the 2s have progressed so far in their first month.

With a speed gun handed over to the men, it was only natural that we would stroke our egos, having smashed our league, and compete to see who had the fastest shot.

“The iron wall of the long pole defence shut out any shots from Brunel’s opposition”

Ben proved he had the fastest shot with an 89-mph shot and the 2s resident shot maniac, Khris came second with an 80-mph shot.

The time had come – unbeknownst to the Men’s 2s, this semi-final would be their final game of the day. But against the might of the home team, the Hertfordshire Comets, the Men’s 2s put up a valiant effort. There were some amazing checks from the fresher long pole Sebastia Ramon, who is shaping up to quickly steal the club spot of best d-pole, and quality dodges from Charles Ingham as he gracefully dodged the opposition’s defence. Matt Cowley also stepped up to be our face off and get off (FOGO) champ as he stepped up to do the face-off.

With the day drawing to a close, the skies were alight with fireworks, brightening up the night sky as the Men’s 2s returned to London, filled with the pride of their victories and the drive to smash the rest of their season.