The American football season has started again, with the Imperial Immortals returning to Division 1 to defend their title as division champions. We are determined to do just as well this year again, and return to playoffs for another chance to move up to the next division. Unfortunately, we suffered a loss of 42-0 on our first game of the season against the Kent Falcons. We gave 100% on the field and tried our best to push back the Kent offence, but with our new team consisting of mostly rookies, some mistakes were inevitably made. We are, however, taking this loss as a learning opportunity to better ourselves for next time. Ben ‘wears red jeans, not a medic, still a’ O’Brien led the charge on offence, doing the best he could to read game and make crucial decisions. He was able to lead our offence to gain crucial yardage, but sadly did not manage to attain a touchdown.

Our defence was also still finding its footing in the first half of the game, with Kent scoring 32 points before half time. Nonetheless, after the second half we came into the third quarter looking strong; by improvising, adapting, and overcoming, we pushed back in the second half of the game, only letting Kent score 10 points.

“Through improvising, adapting, and overcoming, we pushed back in the second half of the game”

Tom ‘where’s your ball pump’ Smith won the defensive MVP award for his constant hard work and perseverance on defence, playing as an outside line-backer and stopping many outside runs and passes. Tom even played various offensive downs to help the offence. Defensive prowess aside, Tom’s offensive plays were also incredible, catching out Kent many times with his great timing on the rocket toss play. Great consistent plays were also made by David ‘whiffy Dave’ Rovick, playing both offence and defence up until the first half. However, after the first half our quarterback was unfortunately injured, and David stepped up to the role, leading the offence. Using his veteran knowledge of American football, David made good reads and lead major drives for the offence.

A big shout out to Harry ‘Mr. steal your ex’ Lawrence for going 100% all game and showing great leadership in times of need for both offence and defence. Harry played outside line-backer and, despite having an injury scare in the third quarter, he gave all he had and managed to make plays up until the end of the game. This dedication, paired up with the plays he was able to make, managed to win Harry overall MVP for the game.