The Jan Kiddle cup is a development tournament aimed at players just starting out at lacrosse, encouraging improved stick skills and game play.

In the early hours of Saturday, 4th November stood a crowd of lacrosse freshers, ready to smash the day ahead. Morale started out low as we arrived in muddy Hitchin with torrential rain. But as the tournament began, the weather was forgotten and lacrosse was the only thing on our minds. Our first game against Kent saw first-time goals from many of our freshers – leading to a glorious 3-2 victory! The matches following are a little unclear, as the adrenaline and excitement of each game fogged the memory. After our initial victory, we won another game, drew one and lost one – making it into the semi-finals!

The final five minutes in our semi-final game against Kent was one of our most intense plays to date. The desire for victory was clear. With only a couple minutes remaining, a phenomenal goal from our fresher secured our place in the final against Central London.

The final game against Central London was the best both freshers and seniors had played in a long while. Our defence boxed out the other team for the entire match, leading to overtime, then golden goal. Eventually the strain of an entire day of lacrosse hit and our wall cracked, letting Central London take the cup.

As the day ended, the skies lit up as brightly as our smiles. It was a phenomenal day of lacrosse, which saw such an improvement in game play and stick skills alike from all players. A massive shout-out to Hitchin for such a fantastic day, the other teams for great games, and – most importantly – the Imperial Ladies’ 2s for such great lacrosse!