Metalheadz XOYO 6th October

Goldie’s historic label is still going strong after 23 years with some solid recent releases from Detboi and Digital. If you’re into your dark and moody DnB then this won’t disappoint. And if you’re new to DnB, then be sure to check out Doc Scott and Source Direct playing history sessions sets.

Soul in Motion Oval Space 8th October

If you haven’t heard of SIM yet, you oughta. Hosted by Bailey and Need for Mirrors, these free nights usually take place on a Wednesday and are always a good time, since they’re filled with the right kinds of DnB-heads, with hearts filled with passion for the music. While I wouldn’t recommend you take up a tobacco habit, I do suggest you hang out in the smoking area, a natural congregating area for artists and like-minded people.

Brookes Brothers ‘Orange Lane’ Launch Party Work Bar 20th October

No lineup announced for this gig yet, but it’s a free rave on a Friday night in a venue with very few sound restrictions (or possibly none; earplugs are a must). Brookes Brothers is one of the biggest names in DnB right now; keep your eyes peeled for this one. Also: an LTJ Bukem night at Village Underground on the same day if you like it old-skool.

Rupture 11th Birthday Corsica Studios November 10th

Are you into Jungle? The correct answer is yes, and that your greatest regret was to be born 15 years too late. Rupture’s Jungle nights are the closest thing you can get to that authentic 90’s rave vibe in London, and with the legendary Corsica Studios soundsystem, you’re in for a real treat.

Spearhead Egg 18th November

Not gonna lie - I think liquid nights can be quite boring, but with a lineup this hench, it’s difficult to resist. With almost 25 DJs, pretty much every liquid artist you might ever want to see (or not) will be there. If you still want more after this, Liquicity is making a rare appearance in London the next day.

Critical Sound x Grime 2017 Fabric November 24th

Fabric has arguably been on a steep decline since the last time (Eds: make it future-proof) it closed down, but the lineups are still impressive. If you’re partial to grime and in-your-face neurofunk, then you will not regret attending this legendary venue (while you still can).

Rampage Sportpaleis, Antwerp 2nd & 3rd March 2018

Slight caveat: unfortunately, it’s not in London. But, if you can cough up the money for the Eurostar or bus, then the Rampage Weekend is only four to five hours away and will provide you with all the Jump-Up goodness you need for the year (or the rest of your life).

Best soundsystems

The soundsystem at a venue can make or break a night out. Because different venues attract different subgenres and movements, knowing your particular niche will entail knowing about the right clubs to find it in. If you’re into your half-time, Phonox has an excellent system. Fabric’s Room 2 is revered by audio junkies everywhere (Room 1 is just loud). Fire or Lightbox, both in Vauxhall, are your destinations for Jungle (let’s rehash: a genre you should be into). Overall, however, the award for best soundsystem has to go to Phonox or Corsica Studios.