Imperial College Union’s choice of house lager is to be reviewed, as part of a larger tender process being carried out next year.

The Union has invited students to give feedback on their preferred choice of house lager, which they say will be used “to shape our thinking through the upcoming tender process”.

Currently, the house lager is Bud Light (ABV 3.5%), which replaced the previous choice of Stella 4 (ABV 4%) at the beginning of October. The move, which prompted angry reactions from some students, was done to “reduce the cost of our house lager, whilst also increasing the investment in other areas of the bars”, according to Matt Blackett, Deputy President (Finance and Services). One student described Bud Light as “literal piss”, while another accused the Union of hypocrisy for not consulting students on the change.

As well as Bud Light and Stella 4, students will have the option to select a number of other lagers, such as Becks Vier (ABV 4%) and Staropramen (ABV 5%). The different choices have different prices: replacing Bud Light with Stella 4 would see the price of a pint increase from £2.70 to £2.80, whilst choosing the premium choice of Staropramen would see pints priced at £4.50. The Union had previously claimed switching to Bud Light would save students over £10,000 during the academic year.

Felix spoke to one Imperial student about the review, who said they were “looking forward to having the sweet, sweet nectar of Stella 4 back.”

The tender process would be continuing through the rest of the academic year, but the Union confirmed that changes to products on offer may take effect within the current academic year, dependent on student feedback.

In a statement, a Union representative said they were “always looking to provide a better service and experience to you, our members”.

Voting is only open to Union accounts, and is open until Sunday. You can vote here.


Photo credit: Nick Burstow