Imperial College Business School appointed a new Dean this week, Professor Francisco Veloso. Veloso takes on the position in August after a year of temporary leadership from Professor Nelson Phillips, who held the role of Acting Dean after the previous Dean (Professor G. ‘Anand’ Anandalingam) stepped down last summer.

Prior to his appointment, Veloso was Dean at the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal’s leading business school, since 2012.

Imperial College released a statement on Monday announcing the appointment of the “leading authority in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, whose research has focussed on how firms and regions develop and leverage science and technology for economic growth”.

His work has included studies into the development of Silicon Valley and into the innovation and scientific impact of developing nations. Veloso also holds a position within Carnegie Mellon University in the US, a position that the College statement points out is an “adjunct appointment” (i.e. one which is secondary to his role at Imperial).

This place within the US university allowed a partnership between Carnegie Mellon and Católica Lisbon to flourish, one which led to dual PhD programs between Carnegie Mellon and several Portuguese universities. Whether this could happen at Imperial remains to be seen. Imperial’s Provost, Professor James Stirling, said: “Francisco’s commitment to academic excellence, innovation and a global outlook make him the ideal person to head Imperial College Business School through its next stages of aspiration and growth.

“His extraordinary leadership at Católica Lisbon saw the school flourish into an institution that is respected across Europe.”

Professor Veloso himself said: “I am truly honoured with this appointment and delighted to join such a world-class institution. Imperial College Business School has achieved so much in its short history and is uniquely positioned for the future. The growing importance of technology-driven innovation and entrepreneurship across all business areas and fields is creating opportunities that fall squarely into the School and College strengths.”

Professor Veloso has an undergrad in Physics Engineering, a PhD from MIT, and an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (A pretty prestigious award with a $45,000 grant to pursue whatever research the winner wants). All in all not a bad CV.

In an interview with the Financial Times in 2013 Veloso revealed that his favourite animal was a dog. felix does not approve of this.