I’ve been meaning to rave about this small chain that boasts authentic Japanese food for a while, but my degree has unfortunately been distracting me. Although Eat Tokyo has locations throughout London and Japan, I have only visited the Holborn restaurant so far. The Hammersmith and Notting Hill branches are probably more conveniently located for Imperial students if you are keen to give the food a try for yourselves, which you really should, go on, treat yourself.

After ducking under the precariously low banner hanging above the front entrance – who said wasabi was the most dangerous aspect of Japanese food – you are initially struck by the liveliness of the entrance, filled with eager customers waiting for a table and sushi being expertly crafted behind the counter to your right. With the exception of the ornate wooden booths placed in the first room that you come across, the décor within the maze of following rooms is considerably more basic, but no matter, you are here for the food.

My first experience of Eat Tokyo’s menu was simply overwhelming. Upon opening the novella-sized booklet filled with enticing glossy pictures, I started to panic at the prospect of making a decision. If you are as indecisive as me, I would recommend a bento box, which is essentially a few mini meals in one. My favourite comes with chicken teriyaki, salmon, sushi, rice and salad, which somehow, they also make taste amazing. Although I haven’t tried it myself, I’ve been told that the Tokyo Dragon is, and quote, “life-changing”- quite an endorsement. For this dish, sushi is arranged in a row with a prawn mimicking the head of the dragon. It certainly looks impressive.

What’s more, Eat Tokyo is surprisingly affordable. You can easily dine out here for under a tenner (as long as you steer clear of the drinks). Fans of the katsu curry will rejoice; you can order a massive, and I mean massive, portion to share for only £9. Meaning, you can eat out in London for under a fiver – miracles do happen.