They say your years at university are some of the best of your life. That the lessons you will learn and the experiences you will gain will be paramount in forming who you are as a person. However, it does not always feel that way. For many of us the transition from the shelter of our homes to the whirlwind that is university can be overwhelming, and adjusting to this newfound independence can feel like a continuous struggle. All too often we end up neglecting to take care of ourselves (we’ve all had that sad bowl of cereal for dinner, right?). Even if you do happen to be one of those super humans who find the time to study, eat healthily, exercise, and maintain a social life, there is still one aspect of our health that is greatly overlooked: our sexual health.

Why is Sexual Health Important?

University is a time of firsts, with many students finding themselves sexually as well as academically. Being aware of our bodies is an integral part of maintaining honest, healthy, and ultimately satisfying sexual relationships. We believe that raising awareness on this issue and providing students with the correct tools can help to facilitate this, making everyone healthier and happier! That is why the Sexual Health Campaign team conducted a survey of 155 Imperial students in which 70% of participants expressed interest in having a sexual health campaign and testing services.

The Campaign

The Sexual Health Campaign at Imperial is a new student-led campaign that was started by two postgraduates in the School of Public Health; it now has student members from across the university, and collaborated with the Union to empower and educate about sex.

We have partnered with local sexual health clinics to provide full sexual health check-ups for students, as well as launching an awareness campaign to promote safe, consensual sex for all.

How you can get involved

Our campaign days are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students on three Wednesdays: May 9th: (South Kensington), 16th (Charing Cross) and 23rd (South Kensington) from 11am to 4pm.

Drop by, we would love to help answer any questions you may have about the health check-ups, the campaign, or just about safe sex. In addition, the Jefferiss Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital will provide take-home testing kits ready to pick up throughout May.

Hope to see many of you there, in order to show Imperial how important is sexual health for the student community!