As one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts, Nice does really live up to its expectations! Its main highlight is the azure sea, so blue it almost looks artificial and does justice to the region’s name. The only imperfection of the beach is that it’s made of sharp stones – quite uncomfortable to walk on barefoot – so consider bringing a pair of special beach shoes (or not – no pain, no gain). While chilling on the beach, you can observe incoming planes which seem to be landing on water since the airport is further along the coast. You can also enjoy the views of the beach and the city from above by climbing Castle Hill, where you can find stunning waterfalls and lovely little paths.

The city itself is full of palm trees and beautiful fountains that light up in a variety of colours in the dark. The streets are very lively, especially in the evening. Loads of restaurants offer Mediterranean seafood, and although most places are quite pricey, you can find happy hours or other enticing offers. Otherwise, there’s always a McDonald’s around. Finally, the main street leading to the beach is full of fashion shops if you want to treat yo’self.

If you wish to explore the rest of the French Riviera, you can take a train from Nice along the coastline, where going west will take you to Cannes, home to the annual Film Festival, and going east will take you to Eze village. It is situated up on a hill so you’ll need to get off the train at the bottom and take a bus to the top (or walk if you dare) The altitude is quite high, the road is winding in sharp turns, and the bus is going rather fast – it’s an interesting adventure but if you’re sensitive to motion sickness, this may not be suitable for you. The village itself is very beautiful – you can explore its cute little streets, visit the botanical garden, and enjoy the panoramic views. There are also some art/fashion/souvenir shops and restaurants – plenty of things to do for a day trip.

Going further along the coast you will reach Monaco – one of the smallest and richest countries in Europe. The royal palace is on a hill, which also offers mesmerising views of the sea and the city. You can walk along the tiny streets, chill at the park, visit the oceanographic museum, and do some souvenir shopping. Just be prepared to see many fancy cars and yachts around! You can then head back downhill and take a city bus to Monte Carlo, famous for its casinos – even if you’re not keen on gambling, pop in to look around the impressive interior.

Going even further east will take you all the way to Italy. You can get off the train at any stop along the coast and visit the beaches nearby. They will be less crowded than city beaches and will let you explore less popular areas.