An intruder was arrested earlier this week after attempting to enter unlocked rooms in Beit Hall. On Tuesday evening the individual, who was trying to gain access to rooms within the hall, was spotted by a student, who contacted the on-site security team. The police were then phoned, who arrested the individual.

Residents of Beit Hall were informed of the incident shortly before 9.30pm that same evening, in an email from the warden. He urged any students who notice items missing to report it to a warden or the security team.

A representative from the College told Felix: “Alongside the College’s security and wardening teams, students play an important role in keeping halls safe and secure. Students are asked not to let people tailgate when entering halls, and are advised to keep their room doors locked even when only away from their room for a short time.”

Nigel Ward, Imperial College Crime and Investigations Manager, also advised staff and students to keep valuables out of sight and locked away. “Report anyone you feel looks suspicious to security.” he told Felix, “We would rather get 100 false calls than miss the one about someone who is up to no good.”

If students have any security concerns, they are encouraged to call the security team on 02075891000.