Molson Coors – the current non-draft beer provider – has been chosen as the new draft beer supplier for the Imperial College Union bars, replacing Greene King.

The change of supplier will take effect on the 1st of August, after a five months’ tender process for the position. Staropramen, Pravha, Carling, and Aspalls among others will be available from the keg. While the Union is still to make a decision on prices, following a separate budgeting process, previous surveys released by the Union suggest a pint of Staropramen could cost up to £4.50. Pravha would be the replacement for the current house lager Stella 4, which currently retails for £2.80 a pint.

Matt Blackett told Felix: “‘I am delighted to announce the new bar supplier for the Union will be Molson Coors. It was fantastic to be part of the tender process along with the other student representatives on the Panel. The hard work put in by the Union’s Commercial Services team has resulted in a great deal for our members for the next three years.”

“This represents a new chapter for our venues, with an increased product range, greater event support and many more benefits for our student staff and all our customers.’”

The Union stated that choice will lead to better value for money while also allowing for increased training for the bar staff

With the arrival of Molson Coors, students will be able to name and brand the company’s house cider. A call for suggestions will be held with students giving their suggestions, along with the reason for the choices. The vote will be closed-box to avoid inappropriate entries.

The decision was guided by feedback from a survey conducted earlier this year asking students for their opinion on the choice of house lagers. The Union stated at the time: ”The Union is always looking to improve services for students and listening to students’ views is critical to this”.

The survey came after a wave of criticism directed towards the Union for changing the house lager of four years, Stella 4, to Bud-Light – described by one student as “literal piss” – without consulting the student body. The Union claimed that the move was saving students £10,000 during the academic year. Stella 4 was subsequently brought back after a three month absence.