Imperial College Union earlier this week opened its doors to nominations for its third set of elections this academic year. The elections are running to fill the many remaining positions across four categories: Liberation & Community Officers; Constituent Union Leaders; Academic & Wellbeing Representatives; and Clubs, Societies & Project committee roles.

Nominations opened on the 16th May, and will be closing on the 23rd. The timing of the elections has changed compared to the Leadership Election last term: candidates will be able to campaign from Friday 25th May, with voting opening on Tuesday 29th. The voting will stay open until Friday 1st June.

Any student who will be continuing their studies at Imperial College for the next year is able to run for a position provided they meet any prerequisites for the role. There are high hopes the remaining positions will be filled, to allow committees and teams to begin work and planning for the upcoming year.

This is the third set of elections this academic year. The previous elections, which ended on 9th March, saw the election of Robert Tomkies as Union president. All key central Union roles were filled bar the LGBT+ Officer. A number of Constituent Union roles went unclaimed, particularly within the Royal College of Science Union and the City and Guilds College Union.

There was a widespread lack of competition for many of the roles, with a number of roles having no candidates standing. The election also saw some students run for multiple roles, perhaps in apprehension of a wave of stiff competition. In some cases this backfired, leading to students having to drop out of some roles after being elected. Many of these roles are now aimed to be filled by these upcoming elections.

Nominations are open until Wednesday 23rd May. You can nominate yourself on the Union website.