We all know that the best uses for lemons are those we can devour: lemonade, lemon pie, and of course lemon meringue… yum! But have you thought of lemon as a health hack? Discover 12 more uses below.

1) Fever

Lemon juice aids in curing general sicknesses such as flus, colds and fevers. Lemons induce perspiration in the body, which helps to break fever. Thanks to its vitamin C content and antiseptic properties, it is perfect for resolving lost voices, tonsillitis, and all sorts of other respiratory ailments you might catch. Consume by drinking it in a glass of warm water with honey – basically like warm lemonade?

2) Sore Throat

The anti-bacterial properties of lemon are helpful in curing infections and soreness in the throat. You can simply imbibe lemon juice with water or drink lemon tea. Additionally, lemon raises our body’s natural immune system. And don’t forget lemon’s high vitamin C content when you suffer from these illnesses!

3) Nerves & Troubled Sleep

At bedtime, it is ideal to drink a lemon flower infusion (if you can get your hands on some, that is). Put three of these in boiling water, let them sit a few minutes and you have your infusion, ready to calm your body and drift you away…

4) Relaxation

Lemon is a great aromatic agent that can relax your feet if you use it as a tool in a DIY spa. Add lemon juice to lukewarm water and dip your feet in it. It will relax your muscles and will help you get rid of foot odour, as well as soothe tired soles and heal blisters.

5) Detoxification

Lemons are excellent cleansers for our bodies; they eliminate toxins, purify, and are undoubtedly one of the best health allies. Did you know that having a large glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice in the morning not only helps in weight loss but also helps your digestive tract and liver? This alkaline solution can be looked upon as an overall body detoxifier.

6) Cough

Heat a few teaspoons of honey and add the juice of one lemon in half a cup of hot water. Drink the mixture slowly and your cough will disappear. In addition, it is common to use garlic cloves to aid the miraculous benefits of lemon - in this case, cut two in half and let them soak a few hours in lemon juice. The flavor (and your breath afterwards) will seem a bit strong, but eating these lemon-flavoured garlic cloves is an excellent and unconventional method for reducing coughs.

7) Immunity

Its nutritional composition composed of vitamins C, B, and E, and its many minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulphur make lemons an incredible strengthener for our immune system. They raise our white blood cell count in the long term.

8) Dental Care

Surprising as it may seem with its acidity; lemon juice is good for maintaining dental health. If you are suffering from problematic gum bleeding, apply lemon juice to get rid of it (it will sting, but for a good cause). Lemon juice can also provide relief from toothaches and solve the issue of bad breath.

9) pH Balance

To maintain and upgrade your health, it is necessary to keep the body’s pH slightly alkaline, and what better option than lemons to do so? The alkalinity of lemons pushes our body to attain the required pH state, which resultantly aids in improved general heath and reduces risk of certain diseases, such as cancer.

10) Nosebleeds

Nose bleeding is a common problem that occurs mainly in summer due to increased pressure on blood cells. However, lemons have shown to be an excellent remedy for stopping nosebleeds. You can dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it directly inside your nose – unpleasant as it may seem, it will stop your nosebleed!

11) Travel Sickness

If you tend to feel sick when travelling, lemon again comes to the rescue. Dilute lemon juice with water, and you have a superb solution for treating vomiting and travel sickness. Nibbling on a small wedge of lemon can also cure such disorders fast.

12) Insect Bites

This is an ancient remedy where lemon juice is applied on the affected area to cure insect stings and bites. Although the effects are not likely to be felt instantly, lemon is believed to suck out the poison, thereby curing itching and pain in the long term.