Inspired by acts such as Alabama Shakes and fuzz-fuelled bands of the 90s such as Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine, Candy’s Room merge together strong rhythmic grooves with psychedelic textures to create a new style of pop music.

Musicians Nathaniel and Miles (Chemical Engineering, 2nd year) have been performing and writing music since their Year Eight days, playing in a trio of Velvet Underground fanatics. Following years of dedication to the craft of songwriting and musicianship, their sound has evolved into their own self-described genre of ‘Dream Soul’ – a fusion between classic soul and dream pop. Now initiators of the five-piece band ‘Candy’s Room’, they are prepared to take 2019 by storm. The rest of Candy’s room technicolor dream team are Dom (Physics, 2nd year) providing lead guitar, Will (Physics, 2nd year) delivering sonorous saxophone melodies, and Finn on drums.

Their new single, ‘Hither Green’ focuses on concepts of vulnerability, freedom, and fidelity. It is a celebration of the area that their journey as musicians began, as well as a look into the lives of two residents of the area. Written and recorded last year, the band teamed up with Kiwi producer Jake Stokes to turn their ambition of creating a song with old-school Motown-style string and brass arrangements into a reality. It was recorded at Crown Lane Studios in Morden and Map Studio Cafe in Camden, with some of the recording happening in our very own studios at Imperial.

They have high hopes for 2019, with plans to release one single a month for their growing fanbase. They plan to branch out to other areas of the UK to perform and hope to get some festival gigs booked for the Summer as well.

To celebrate the release of their new single, they are holding a special gig at the legendary Amersham Arms in New Cross. Supporting them are the upcoming artists Uncle Monty, The Offdays and The Misconduct Committee.

The show begins at 7.45pm with Candy’s Room headlining at 10.00pm. Tickets can be found on Eventbrite for £5 in advance or can be bought on the door for £6.