Formally known as the Robotic Operating Buddy, he is without a doubt the most mysterious and unique character of the roster, fighter #42, R.O.B.

Never actually taking part in a game of his own, R.O.B. was designed as a revolutionary gaming companion for the original NES. He began as a mechanical toy whose goal was to hype the launch of the console more than having a practical or even remotely useful purpose, with only two games supporting him. Despite his poor applicability, R.O.B. managed to make his first on-screen appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is now stronger than ever in Ultimate. He is a versatile, heavy character with great long- and short-range options.

R.O.B.’s most important tools are his specials, starting off with his neutral Robo Beam, which fires a directable laser. This projectile will keep opponents away with its decent knockback, but can’t be used in rapid succession. Its power recharges passively, maxing out when the red LED on top of R.O.B’s head is flashing.

Next comes the heart of his kit, his down-special, a charged attack which fires a spinning Gyroscope in front of him. Not only can this projectile stay on stage to add pressure, but R.O.B. (or an opponent) can pick it up to throw it again in any direction. One trick is to launch the Gyro on the very edge of the stage, preventing your opponent from simply climbing up the ledge. But in general, you should use it to harass them from afar.

Even if your opponent comes too close, R.O.B. still has many powerful options, especially with his side special, Arm Rotor. It unleashes a series of quick attacks whilst spinning forwards, followed by a finishing blow which can kill at 100%. And for the cherry on top, this move can also reflect projectiles if timed right, a lesser known fact that can take many opponents by surprise.

And that’s not all, because R.O.B.’s side-smash has decent range, making it the perfect tool to hit hard whilst at a reasonably safe distance. You can then follow up with your neutral-air, which you should be using a lot, to hit your opponent with a fiery blast. All of this can even be done safely off-stage thanks to his up-special Robo Burner, one of the best vertical recovery moves in the game. It will, however, need some downtime to recharge its fuel gauge, so use it sparingly.

In addition to his legendary off-stage mobility and edge guard, R.O.B. possesses an insane combo game. Simple yet effective, both his down- and up-throws can be chained with a multitude of attacks depending on the situation. You can perform tilts or jabs to get some free damage or try an up-smash to go for the kill, if they are at a high percentage and you are fast enough. But for all you Elite Smashers out there, R.O.B. also has a masterful zero to death combo. It makes use of his Gyro, neutral-air and side-special to erase one of your opponent’s stocks in the right conditions (check out Beefy Smash Doods’ video for the exact guide).

As a personal favourite, I have to say that R.O.B. is one of the best and most enjoyable fighters to play. But objectively, he does have a lot going for him, with a lot of versatility, power and potential, raising his status up to high-tier. However, he can be easily punished if you are too predictable due to his large hit-box, so make sure to use all your options and mix things up to successfully destroy your opponents!