ICSM Psychiatry Society announces its 2019 Spring Conference - Mental Health: A New Perspective. Taking place on Saturday 2nd March from 10.30am - 4.30pm in the Sir Alexander Fleming Building, this unique conference promises to explore the theme of Stigma and Mental Health, bringing together practitioners and world leaders in research to discuss the latest understanding of mental health disorders and changing perceptions of mental health. Lunch, refreshments and certificates of attendance will also be provided!

Delegates will also have the opportunity to submit and observe art work, through an art exhibition exploring the theme of Mental Health, and find out what a career in Psychiatry entails. Imperial and non-Imperial students, both Medics and Non-Medics, are welcome! Whether you’re a student, academic, or simply interested in learning more about Psychiatry and mental health, this conference has something for you! Link to register and purchase tickets: http://bit.ly/TICKET2019

This announcement comes following the Psychiatry Society’s Art Therapy Workshop on Friday 22nd February.