Best Picture

Academy Prediction:

Probably Green Book or The Favourite

What we want to win: I’d want to see Roma win, personally; maybe it might? BlacKkKlansman probably would win if this were ten years ago. Anything except A Star is Born.

The nominees for Best Picture are arguably the most diverse they have ever been, nominating films about people of colour and films featuring non-white actors in lead roles. One of the nominees is Black Panther, the first superhero film to be nominated—but its inclusion has been controversial. Is the Academy blatantly ticking boxes for the wrong reasons? Perhaps. Does it actually stand a chance? Perhaps not.

Roma certainly will leave the other nominees quaking in their seats, but no “foreign language film” has ever won the award for Best Picture—could this be the year? Alfonso Cuaron’s incredible film about a housemaid in 1970s Mexico City is thoroughly worthy. The safe choice is BlaKkKlansman, the story about a black undercover police officer infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan. It’s impressively ballsy, zesty and unflinchingly humorous. A deserving film that’s made with a fistful of passion. - SSM

Animated Feature Film

Academy Prediction: Spiderman: Enter the Spiderverse or The Incredibles 2.

What we want to win: Any of them, although The Boss Baby: Back in Business was snubbed of a nom/win.

This year’s Animated Feature Film category is the most stacked we’ve seen in recent history. Not only do we have the long awaited sequel to The Incredibles, but also an actually great Spiderman movie with beautiful art and great story that spawned a cult following.

And that’s not all, an entry from renowned Wes Anderson, with Isle of Dogs, and the first non Studio Ghibli anime ever to be nominated for the category, Mirai, is coming up closely behind.

With the “weakest” showing of the bunch being the sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet, which itself is a fantastic family movie, and pretty flawless start to finish, it just puts into perspective just how high quality the nominees are this year.

Although it would be nice to see Mirai dethrone Studio Ghibli as an Anime Oscar winner, it just doesn’t quite hit the same high notes as Enter the Spiderverse, nor does it have the nostalgic hype that comes with The Incredibles 2.

No matter which way it goes, it’s safe to say it won’t be a disappointing result. -MD


Academy Prediction: Alfonso Cuaron or close second Yorgos Lanthimos

What we want to win: Another case of if BlacKkKlansman were made ten years ago Spike Lee would take it, otherwise it’ll be nice to see Yorgos Lanthimos take it.

Alfonso Cuaron is surely the strongest candidate in the list of nominees, winning this category at the BAFTAs and at the Golden Globes. Roma was exceptionally directed—from the flare of fluidity in the way the camera scans the scene, to getting the incredible performances from the actors. Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite) could potentially grab a steal at the final hurdle, but he would need to sell his soul to Harvey Weinstein. And on that topic, no women directors were nominated this year. Apparently, you can’t use more than one diversity coupon in conjunction with another. -SSM

Adam McKay picked up a nomination for direction alongside multiple other nominations for Vice, even with the lukewarm reaction from American reviewers.

What is good to see is the Academy didn’t follow the BAFTAS in a Bradley Cooper nomination, which although has been marked as a snub, isn’t at all deserving. -MD

Foreign Language

Academy Prediction: Roma or Shoplifters.

What we want to win: It would be good to see Shoplifters pick up another deserved big win, but Roma and Cold War are equally deserved.

Foreign language this year is not only picking up nominations in this category but all over the Oscars.

With Paweł Pawlikowski’s breathtaking Cold War, picking up nominations for Direction and Cinematography alongside it’s best Foreign Language, it stands a strong contender the win.

As well as this, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters has been picking up a lot of awards at different ceremonies, including the Palme d’Or for its heart wrenching look into a life in poverty.

Although the competition is tough going up against Alfonso Cuaron’s black and white, critically acclaimed, Netflix masterpiece, Roma, it will be interesting to see if Netflix distributed and Netflix originals start to pick up more awards at prestigious ceremonies like this, even after the academy’s general distaste to the online streaming platform.

It’s hard to gauge who will win overall with such a strong trio, winning a multitude of awards across lots of ceremonies. My heart lies with Shoplifters, but my money’s on Roma. -MD

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Academy Prediction: Rami Malek or Viggo Mortensen

What we want to win: There is nothing that has stuck with me more than old fat Christian Bale, anything but Bradley Cooper.

Rami Malek took home the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody. On top of that, it seems the Oscars really, really, really like Bohemian Rhapsody this year, so it’s going to be tough to edge out Rami Malek. -SSM

When it comes down to who I don’t want to see win, it is a no brainer with Bradley Cooper. William Dafoe’s performance was relatively forgettable; Rami Malek and Christian Bale both did good jobs at impersonation; Viggo Mortensen was fine. It’s not a good lineup this year. -MD


Academy Prediction: Roma

What we want to win: Roma or Cold War.

Cinematography is a hard category this year, with not one, but two black and white films praised at multiple festivals for their use of colour. It’s going to be hard to predict, but very likely one of Roma or Cold War. -MD

Costume Design

Academy Prediction: The Favourite or Black Panther.

What we want to win: Black Panther

This is a hard judge. On one hand the Academy loves period drama costuming, and the nominees are ripe, however Black Panther bought something that deviates from the western centric norm. -MD

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Academy Prediction: Mahershala Ali

What we want to win: Sam Rockwell being able to portray George Bush to that level of accuracy is definetly something that should be awarded, but we’d like to see Mahershala Ali win.

Mahershala Ali already has a Best Supporting Actor to his name, from his performance in Moonlight, back in 2016. The performances of Ali and Viggo Mortensen elevates Green Book into more than the sum of its parts. Solidifying Ali as top candidate in my mind.-SSM

Sam Rockwell and his impression of George W. Bush in Vice really captivates the slimyness of the real thing and that can’t be ignored as a outstanding performance. Adam Driver falls in a similar category with a performance that can’t be ignored but I feel they both fall just short of Mahershala Ali. - MD

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Academy Prediction: Olivia Coleman

What we want to win: We’d like to see Olivia Coleman continue winning awards, but failing that, Yalitza Aparicio for Roma is great.

Olivia Coleman is the most likely candidate here, picking up awards all over the shop. Glenn Close has a chance, Aidan gave a glowing review for The Wife and especially Glenn Close. -SSM

In my mind, there is a very clear winner for me, and that’s Yalitza Aparicio, there is no overlooking her performance in Roma, and she deserves to take home the Oscar.

Knowing the Academy however I have strong feelings that Olivia Coleman will take the win, deservedly, but still in the shadow of Aparicio’s performace. -MD

Make-up and Hairstyling

Academy Prediction: Vice

What we want to win: Vice.

Despite how talented the other makeup and hairstyling is, especially Mary Queen of Scots, this category is a no brainer for me. It just has to be Christian Bale’s unbelievable transformation in Vice. -MD

Music (Score and Song)

Academy Prediction: Isle of Dogs (Score) and All the Stars (Song)

What we want to win: See above.

Will Kendrick Lamar pick up an Oscar? It’s likely. Isle of Dogs definitely deserves the best score. -MD

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Academy Prediction: Rachel Weisz or Emma Stone

What we want to win: Regina King or Marina de Tavira for both of their stellar performances do deserve to pick up the Oscar, if there were two awards, they deserve both.

Rachel Weisz/ Emma Stone. One of them from The Favourite is bound to win; it’s just statistically more likely. Friendly competition, but Weisz took home the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress, and so is edging ahead. It’s going to be a close one. -SSM

Regina King picked up one of the unfortunately few nominations for If Beale Street Could Talk, and she definitely deserves it. In an ideal world either she or Marina de Tavira would pick up the world, but looking at previous award ceremonies, it looks like The Favourite is going to pick up another award here. -MD