We are Mumbai Mix! An Indian street food stall known for its long queues and vibrant aromas (that’s not us bragging – it’s feedback from our customers!) For anyone that hasn’t met us yet, we are part of the Farmers Market that is located on Queens Lawn every Tuesday. We write this piece following an encounter with Andy, the Felix Editor, who happened to stumble upon our stall for a late lunch one Tuesday. Following a series of conversations, he proposed the idea of a page dedicated to Mumbai Mix in the next edition of Felix ! We were ecstatic at this proposition as we rarely get to present ourselves on paper. This article gives us the opportunity to showcase ourselves both as a brand as well as on a personal level. For our regular customers who probably have some understanding of our background, this article will piece together some of the puzzle. For those that have never been to our stall, this gives you an insight into Mumbai Mix, its founders and the principles on which the business operates.

Mumbai Mix is a family run business founded in 2014 by a team of mother (Mohini) and two daughters (Deshna and Dimple). We offer a range of Indian dishes commonly found on the streets of Mumbai. However, our rich cultural background (Indian, Kenyan and British) influences our choice of ingredients and cooking practices thereby giving a contemporary and unique edge to every dish we serve at the stall. The most popular dish is the Dosa wrap – a lentil and rice pancake with a slow roasted potato and onion filling that is served with an array of freshly made chutneys: coconut-coriander, roasted red pepper and tamarind & date chutney.

We take great pride in our menu because we are particular about every aspect of our cooking process from the choice of ingredients to the creation of our own spice blends (masalas). For example, our core ingredients are sourced from local farmers because this has environmental, economical and nutritional benefits (and we know we have a responsibility towards protecting the environment!). Using locally sourced ingredients also gives us the advantage of creating unique versions of the Dosa batter and its fillings enabling us to rotate our menu. For instance, our autumn special is a squash and pumpkin filling whereas the spring special is a Wild Garlic Dosa with a Rainbow Chard and Paneer filling. Our menu also consists of a Vegetable Biryani and potato curry, freshly made samosas and our exceptional masala chai (spiced Indian Tea).

We like to please our customers and make each and every one of them feel special. We also try our best to give them a unique experience each time they visit the stall. We do this by tailoring the “spice level of their Dosa and the sweetness of their Masala Chai according to their request. Most of all, we also like to natter and get to know our customers. Most of the time, we recognise our regulars but we also have awkward moments where we claim to recognise new customers! New customer or not, it is always a pleasure to serve the staff and students of Imperial College. We have to admit, you are a chatty lot and love Tuesdays for that reason.

Mushy things aside, we have to focus on the business side of things sometimes. Although we are growing as a business, our time is predominantly spent within the kitchen. That leaves us very little time to focus on all things “admin”. For that reason, we are reaching out to students who may be able to support us with the following tasks: photography, videography, market research and digital marketing. These will be paid tasks and we will be happy to provide references upon completion of the tasks. If you are interested in these roles, please contact us with a CV on the following address: info@mumbaimix.co.uk. If not, come by the stall and try our delicious food!

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