The profligate son returns, crucified for calls to revolution and arisen after three days (and two months or so). Keeping with the theme – three independent stories from the past two weeks.

Venezuela. This is the classic American foreign policy pincher – place excruciating sanctions on “non-compliant” democratically-elected governments to manufacture a human rights crisis, then use the human rights “crisis” as a justification for “humanitarian” intervention (to install a pro-US government). This two-step recipe quickly builds a failed state, which is convenient for the installation of multinational oil company infrastructure on VZ land. Right outta the ol’ playbook.

Bernie is running – his 2016 money machine rebooted, and the other candidates have collectively (more or less) shit the bed. These are anti-establishment years; adopting left-populist policy-focused platforms (as I have argued before) is the most viable 2020 electoral strategy for Democrats. So long as Schultz doesn’t spoil the election (quisling centrist limousine shitlibs don’t have the balls to reject the Church of Fiscal Conservatism), we have a frontrunner.

Big fun news this week – the Cohen testimony. Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer” voluntarily appeared before the House yesterday in an open hearing. His testimony directly implicates Trump Jr., Roger Stone, as well as Trump himself in conspiracy to commit bank and tax fraud, among other improprietous actions (including participation in “catch-and-kill” schemes, and several allegations of flagrantly racist remarks out of Trump’s mouth – such as “Name one country run by a black man that’s not a shithole”).

Most of the spice is in the prewritten statement. The questioning was mostly grandstanding. Republicans hilariously tried to paint Cohen as a “liar” unworthy of congressional testimony (Trump’s lied at least 8200 times since taking office). Democrats, on the whole, failed to ask substantive questions. Special creds to AOC for a properly prosecutorial cross-examination towards the end. Otherwise, tune in for a good view of just how inane American politics can get.

Over the next few weeks – more humdrum squabbling, more Dem oversight. Looks like Trump Jr. will be charged next. The Democrat primary field will evolve; Bernie will consolidate his lead or start to flame out. So long as India and Pakistan don’t bomb each other, presumably, we’ll be back next week.

Alas, I ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven, where I shall partake copiously in my own blood, and play darts with thunderbolts, aiming to strike down Henry Kissinger.