Written by Bill Naughton in the 60s, All in Good Time follows the story of young newly-weds Arthur and Violet as they negotiate the beginnings of married life. But money is tight and they are forced to move in with Arthur’s good-natured but overbearing parents. Laden with innuendo, the storyline becomes increasingly ridiculous, with everyone from nosy neighbours to loud snorers getting in the way of the couple having any privacy at all…

What could have been a truly cringe-worthy experience was rendered outright funny. Rohan Mitta played a suitably awkward and troubled Arthur, making an endearingly naive couple with his new wife Violet, brilliantly played by Maddie Roche.

Arthur’s ever-present parents, played by Olivia Revans and Christian Burton, made a brilliant pair, authentically setting the scene in mid-20th century Bolton. This was further impressed on the audience through a fantastic set, designed by Thomas Allen, which gave the audience a prime view into the bedroom, removing any sense that the couple had any privacy at all.

A stellar performance came from Calum Drysdale, who played a charismatic Geoffrey Fritton, and a special mention to Georgie Davis as a brilliantly funny Molly Thompson. With impressive acting across the board, hats off to Director Harriet Powell and Asst. Director May McCool and the Production Team for a highly entertaining Friday night.

Are YOU keen to be part of their next production? Auditions start Monday for their next production, which they will be taking to the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe! Written by Felix’s own Calum Drysdale, Compost is a comedy about two rubbish collectors who claim to be able to turn plastic into compost… Sign up for auditions via www.bookdramsoc.timetap.com or email vice@dramsoc.org for more information.

-4.5 stars