After reviewing Naked Dough last month, when we got the chance to try out another cookie dough place, My Cookie Dough, the excitement was real. Although both serve cookie dough, this place adds a completely different twist onto what we thought we were expecting, replacing raw cookie dough with baked cookies and soothing ice cream. Did it live up to the hype? Read on to find out!

The stall at Westfield did not disappoint - with a cute cloud-themed stand, with colourful seats and even cloud shaped tables to balance your cookie on while trying to snap that perfect photo. The smell of cookies in the oven wafted in the air, and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful in helping us choose what to order (seriously, the choice is massive!). However, the most interesting bit was how cookie dough is served. Here, the raw cookie dough is freshly baked right before your eyes - but only enough to make the outside crispy and the inside soft and gooey. All cookies are also served with a dollop of soft serve - surprisingly good at making the incredibly sweet cookies more refreshing and delicious. The choice of flavours was simply amazing, and they also offer cookie dough shakes, a twist on your classic milkshake. With regards to the flavours we tried:

Lotus Biscoff

Julia says: Having fallen in love with Lotus cookie dough in the past, I was extremely excited about this. This flavour certainly lived up to the Biscoff hype (did you know they now have Lotus Biscoff ice cream sold in the UK?), with not only a deliciously warm Lotus cookie, but also a rich creamy topping, which paired with the soft serve was a match made in heaven.

Eva says: Lotus biscuits have always been my favourite so I had high expectations for this cookie dough, and My Cookie Dough took those expectations and completely surpassed them all. The flavours were delicately balanced, and the ice cream on the side helped neutralise the sweetness and made for an overall amazing experience.

Rating: 4.55

Red Velvet

Eva says: This was not the one for me, unfortunately. I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of sugar in the dough and didn’t really taste of anything in particular. The presentation was wonderful, though, and it looked very interesting, but unfortunately the taste didn’t match the looks.

Julia says: Red velvet has always been a mystery to me. Why does red dough taste different to normal dough when all that differs is the colouring? Unfortunately, although ideal if you’re craving sugar, that’s all this tasted like - sugar, topped with more sugar (diabetes is an understatement). Nevertheless, this is definitely the most interesting flavour we tried, so props for that!

Rating: 2.55

Cinnamon Bun

Julia says: I love cinnamon in any shape or form, from savoury dishes to baked goods, so the prospect of having a cinnamon cookie was great. A cool twist was the cookie - instead of the typical plain cookie dough you’d expect, it was actually made of the scrumptious Lotus Biscoff dough - aka 2 of my favourite things in one - #win! The frosting was a little sweet, but when melted with the ice cream was completely edible.

Eva says: This was hands-down one of my all-time favourite cookie dough flavours. Anything with cinnamon just feels like a warm hug on a cold winter’s day, and this cookie dough was no exception. If your go-to cookie dough is Biscoff, then you’re in for a treat - with cinnamon on top. The frosting was a fantastic addition for me (and everyone else whose favourite part of a cinnamon bun is the frosting mmm…)

Rating: 45

The Slutty Brownie

Eva says: This was a lovely palette-cleanser and made me feel all types of things. With oreos sprinkled all over the cookie dough, there was a nice crunch to it and the melted Nutella on the top was to-die-for. Who would’ve thought you could get so much chocolate goodness in one stack of cookie dough? Got a sugar craving? Chocolate craving? Cookie craving? This stack will sort you out like no other!

Julia says: After trying so many cookies, it was time for a stack, so obviously, we went for their bestseller, a chocolaty mix of a triple chocolate cookie stacked onto a milk chocolate cookie,with crushed Oreos, and coated with a generous portion of melted Nutella. Sounds like a sugar coma? You’d be absolutely right, but a delicious one at that.

Rating: 4.55


Julia says: Last, but definitely not least. This gooey and rich Lotus biscoff, chocolate, and marshmallow melt was certainly my favourite of all the flavours we tried. Not only did it satisfy my love for Biscoff (it is stroooong guys), but the chocolate cookie toned down the sweetness, and the marshmallow was the perfect quirky addition. The ice cream wasn’t even necessary, but made the delicious experience even better.

Eva says: Though I’m not normally a lover of all-things-chocolate, this flavour was exceptional. The marshmallows were my favourite bit, and gave the dough a different texture that completely bamboozled our taste buds - we were so here for it. This was one of My Cookie Dough’s “stacks”, which meant you got different doughs to try, with only one order! It satisfies all your cravings but make sure you go on an empty stomach because it’s a big one!

Rating: 55

My Cookie Dough has exceeded our expectations and satisfied all our cravings, leaving us in a bit of a food coma afterwards that was 100% worth it. With most of their doughs priced at a reasonable £5-10, grabbing a yummy dessert doesn’t need to break the bank. They are also working on exciting projects, one of which is developing some new vegan flavours, which is great for the environment and can make it so much easier for those that want to make the transition into being vegan but are struggling with missing the variety of flavours available. They’re also on Deliveroo so no excuses now!