Yumchop Foods is delighted to be partnering with Imperial College University in the heart of London to bring an authentic taste of its quintessential multi-ethnic frozen ready meals, using the innovative automatic retail kiosk (ARK), to the 24-hour Central Library.

The range includes a mixed range of rice meals, pasta, tasty chicken meals and includes vegan and vegetarian meals.

The Kiosk was launched on 1st May, with a three-day free food sampling campaign.

Yumchop Foods is innovative at heart and has tapped into the University markets using the innovative concept of being able to provide an additional range of healthy and tasty hot meals to students, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yumchop Foods manufactures a tasty variety of home style cooked meals, with no added preservatives, no added artificial colouring and longer shelf life, as it is rapidly frozen to maintain texture, taste and quality.

Students are the lifeline of universities and colleges. Refuelling between study sessions or just eating with friends during break sessions is part of their day-to-day activities.

Additionally, there is a massively growing trend for greater convenience and food-on-the-go. This is due to time-pressed students who may struggle to settle to eat healthy meals due to lectures, pressure of assignments and preparing for exams.

This is why Yumchop Foods has introduced access to food that can be transformed to hot ‘grab-and-go’ food in minutes, using its Automatic Retailing Kiosk with its own incorporated microwave.

Yumchop Foods is immensely proud of this approach to addressing these student needs and providing a wider range of food options championing authentic and healthy flavours.

Yumchop Foods aims to create an exceptional vending machine experience for students using the latest technology and real-time remote monitoring. Yumchop Foods is determined to evolve and find new ways to improve the offering by ensuring students are engaged to understand their eating habits, trends and what they like.

Yumchop’s team understands that customer feedback is the backbone of a food business and will be addressing this in more ways than one. The technology will allow students’ consumption patterns to be understood and to anticipate how they will behave.

The Kiosk has real time remote monitoring, providing valuable information on stock level, ensuring it is kept to full capacity to meet the student needs, especially in crucial times, such as exam periods, when students are up late studying in the library.

The food tasting campaign was a great opportunity to engage with many of the students and Yumchop Foods were delighted to hear the positive feedback.

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