Officially, the expo runs for three days. However, the E3 phenomena is more than just the LA convention. It encompasses all the announcements for new computer and video game releases, as well as the teasing of new video game hardware. From publishers announcing the next set of DLC as a means of breathing life into their existing franchises, revealing new IPs, and giving fuel to the fans for their console wars, one could say E3 2019 lasts weeks, with many announcements for major series having already been made this week and more to be released next week.


Conference Date: Saturday 8th June.

Time: 5:15 PM BST.

Viewing Platforms: YouTube and Twitch

For the EA Play livestream, EA has sent a breakdown of their broadcast to TechRadar:

9:15am: Countdown to EA PLAY

9:30am: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Hosted by Greg Miller and Andrea Rene)

10:00am: Apex Legends (Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)

10:30am: Battlefield™ V (Hosted by Julia Hardy and Adam Freeman (EA))

11:00am: FIFA 20 (Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)

11:30am: Madden NFL 20 (Hosted by Adam Rank)

12:00pm: The Sims 4 (Hosted by Andrea Rene)


Conference Date: Sunday 9th June.

Time: 9:00 PM BST.

Viewing Platforms: Xbox One,, YouTube, Twitch

With the absence of Sony at E3, but the internet rife with rumours of the PlayStation 5, the Xbox E3 Briefing would be the best opportunity for Microsoft to make waves this month with the announcement of the next generation of the Xbox, currently codenamed Project Scarlett. Industry insiders have suggested that if Microsoft does do an official annoucement for their next gen console, then there will be successors to both the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S.

Most likely though, it will be the Project xCloud which will be the hardware focus of this conference, as an answer to Playstation Now and the recently announced Google Stadia.

In terms of video game titles, we can expect more information and official annoucements for Halo Infinite , Gears 5 and a new Forza title.


Conference Date: Monday 10th June.

Time: 1.30 AM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer and Facebook

A recent statement from Todd Howard has indicated that we will not be seeing Bethesda’s new sci-fi IP, Starfield, nor Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year. Not the biggest disappointment from Bethesda (that would be Fallout 76 ), but this does leave us to speculate on what Bethesda will be showing this year.

The most obvious options would be content updates to the Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76. Additionally, we should expect more information about Doom Eternal.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that we will get a new edition of Skyrim at this E3.

Devolver Digital

Conference Date: Monday 10th June.

Time: 3.00 AM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch

Amongst the big name publishers, we have Devolver Digital giving room to indie developers. In case you don’t know about this publisher, then some of the games that they have published in the past include: Hotline Miami, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, Always Sometimes Monsters, The Talos Principle and Hatoful Boyfriend.

With some sequels being developed currently including The Talos Principle 2, Sometimes Always Monsters as well as some games releasing later on in 2019, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, My Friend Pedro, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, we’re in for a conference filled with unexpected shenanigans and wacky games.

PC Gaming Show

Conference Date: Monday 10th June.

Time: 6.00 PM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch, Facebook and YouTube

Developers and hardware makers for PC are invited to participate in the PC Gaming Show. PC Gamer has revealed that they are expecting a lot of titles to showcase during the two hour livestream.

If you’re excited by stepping into the shoes of a supervillain for a second time, then the world’s first reveal of Evil Genius 2 will be right up your alley. Developer Rebellion will also be revealing an unannounced title. New footage of Last Oasis as well as the projects that developer Tripwire Interactive has been working on will be featured.

Gearbox will take the stage and discuss the upcoming Borderlands 3 in depth To coincide with the upcoming release of Borderlands 3, Borderlands 2 will be receiving a free DLC update to set the stage for the sequel.

Expect more information from Paradox Interactive about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Samsung is also expected to reveal more information about their gaming monitors.

The PCGaming Show is expected to have many more titles both announced and unannouced so far.


Conference Date: Monday 10th June.

Time: 9.00 PM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch and YouTube

Ubisoft has recently teased what people should expect for their E3 conference and this includes updates to existing games and a celebrity showdown.

Current titles expected to make an apperance at E3 include For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

A tweet from the official Watch Dogs twitter account has confirmed that the third game in this franchise, titled Watch Dogs Legion, will be appearing at E3. This game will be set in London. Rumours have it that you will be able to play as any of the NPCs in the new setting of London.

The focal point of this conference is likely to be Ghost Recon Breakpoint which has an October 2019 release, meaning that this game will likely get extensive attention during the Ubisoft briefing.

Ubisoft has annouced that they are working on three brand new AAA titles, so it is possible that these three games could also be teased during their broadcast.

Square Enix

Conference Date: Tuesday 11th June.

Time: 2.00 AM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch and YouTube

With Sony’s State of Play broadcast last month teasing fans with a short reveal for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and after Square has been notably silent on the project for years, speculation has been fueled on whether this game will be making an appearance at E3. Who knows, maybe, we might get a release date.

The Avengers Project, which is currently being worked on by Crystal Dynamics and Edios-Montreal alongside direct involvement from Square Enix and Marvel Entertainement, will have an official annoucement at E3 2019, which so far has only had a small teaser in 2017.

Square Enix has been quite silent this year, with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 in January, followed by a critical mode content update in April. With the DLC, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:MIND, slated for a 2019 release, E3 would be the best time for Square Enix to do a reveal for the new scenario.

Dragon Quest XI is also releasing for the Switch later this year, so it might also be a part of the conference this year. Additionally, we may get more info about Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the Nintendo Switch.


Conference Date: Tuesday 11th June.

Time: 5.00 PM BST

Viewing Platforms: Twitch and YouTube

The June 5th Nintendo Direct gave us a few details about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. We can expect a full depth annoucement of several details pertaining to the first ever home console mainline Pokemon games during the Nintendo E3 Direct.

From Nintendo’s big franchise, The Legend of Zelda and Mario, it is very unlikely that we will see anything about their next big mainline games. However, what we can expect is information about the Link’s Awakening remake and Mario Maker 2.

There’s some speculation on whether we will see another beloved franchise, Animal Crossing, during this year’s E3 Direct, as the game does have a 2019 launch window.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate had it’s most recent content update in April, where the first DLC Fighter, Joker from Persona 5, was added to the game. There are still four DLC fighters to be announced. Could we get a teaser of the second DLC fighter at E3? Possibly.

Other games which could make an apperance include Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Fire Emblem Three Houses.