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Become a property owner in London

Imperial houses some of the wealthiest students in the UK. At Imperial, students are only able to live in college provided student accommodation for their first year, before moving out with friends or becoming a hall senior. As SW7 is the most expensive postcode in the UK, rent in the ...
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  • Sunday December 1, 2013

What happens at uni...stays at Unii.com

In 2011, Marco Nardone graduated with a degree in Physics from Imperial College. In just two years, the 25-year-old has become CEO & founder of the UK’s biggest student-only social networking platform, Unii.com. The journey to ...
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  • Sunday November 24, 2013

Shell Ideas360 comes to students!

Shell Ideas360 Shell Ideas360 is an international competition open to all students which aims to produce the leading ideas to tackle the global energy, food and water issues of today. Students are invited to develop game ...
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  • Friday November 1, 2013

Interested in enterprise?

Imagine you are not at Imperial. You have never heard of Felix and you are not sitting here reading this article. What a dream. No dull lectures, ridiculously difficult coursework, ...
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  • Friday October 11, 2013

Axe VAT for the hospitality industry

How can reducing VAT help the economy? With high unemployment levels and increasing difficulty in finding jobs, the job market in the UK along with the economy needs boosting. One method ...
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  • Friday October 4, 2013

Student Finance

Hopefully anyone who is eligible has already applied for Student Finance England. SFE offers student loans and grants which help cover university fees and living costs. Imperial College London also ...
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  • Saturday September 28, 2013

Stop talking, start interviewing

Ananya Das: You have a fantastic entrepreneurial career, have there been moments when you needed ‘A Kick in the Pants’ similar to in Stop Talking, Start Doing? If so, who ...
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  • Friday May 31, 2013

Facebook celebrity? Looking for a job?

The eternal procrastinating tool… Facebook. Or is it? Adzuna, a social job search engine, has developed a way to help you get hired with a little help from your friends. ...
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