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Felix is printed once a week, and is sent to the printers Thursday night (good will permitting). As a paper made entirely by students, for the student body, we need all hands on deck from the beginning of the week up until Thursday night, as we manically send the final copy out and start downing shots of espresso in a bid to keep our eyes open.

Some of the key roles that we need students for are the following:

  • News Reporters

    Do you have a good eye for stories that pop up around campus? Do you love a bit of gossip, and have the drive to follow rumours up and see just exactly what is going on? We are always looking for more people to join our news team, and help investigate both our larger, on-going stories and any short titbits that may arise within the week.

    Email our news editors, Aemun Reza and Cecile Borkhataria, at if you fancy being a news sleuth.

  • Writers

    If you have the urge to put pen to paper every now and again we can publish what you write, and give you a great big sense of pride when we also put your name in print on a Friday morning.

    Each section is looking for something different when it comes to the articles that they publish, so it is worth taking a look at back issues to see what takes your fancy. We print comment pieces about College in Comment straight through to satire about students in Hangman, with lots of different pieces in-between.

    Simply email the editors of that section and send what you’ve written along to them. If you are stuck for inspiration, consider emailing them and request to join their mailing list, so when they send out their article requests each week you can choose a story that they are commissioning for that week instead.

    Chose your section of choice, then email the relevant section editors and introduce yourself! If you are still unsure about what to write about, drop me a line ( and we can have a chat.

  • Section editors

    The big dogs of Felix, these are the people who commission article topics each week to their section writing team, and then edit the material to make sure it is suitable for print. They also come in each Wednesday afternoon (keen beans come in on Tuesday) and layout the pages to make the articles look good on the page.

    They have a flair for design and layout, a creative mind for the stories they want to print and a passion for the section they steward. Feel like you could do this? The Felix editor can provide all the training you need to get started with this role, and, as long as you are enthusiastic, no previous experience with Felix is necessary.

    Email me at, and we can start discussing what section is suitable for you (availability permitting, we try to keep it to a maximum of three section editors per section). Don’t see a section you like? We are always looking for new sections too.

  • Copy Editors

    Do you love grammar? Obviously you do, who doesn’t?

    If you didn’t pick up on any sarcasm whatsoever in that second sentence, joining the copy edit team is your next step (Don’t worry, everyone involved with Felix loves grammar too).

    These English Enthusiasts come in on a Thursday afternoon or evening and take a look at each section in turn to make sure all the articles are fit to print.

    We have two Copy Chiefs, Ellen Mathieson and Stephen Ball, and they can introduce you to the wonderful world of copy editing if you drop them an

  • Photographers

    A picture speaks a thousand words, and, for a paper that loves a good photo, having as many high quality pictures at our fingertips is the dream. We are always on the lookout for budding photographers to go out with camera in hand to take photos to illustrate pieces, match reports, news stories or anything else you are keen to snap up for us.

    Contact for more information on the role of photographers for the paper.

  • Illustrators

    We are always looking to print creative and original pieces in the paper, and those that are drawn as opposed to written are no exception. We have ran in the past digitally drawn cartoons, hand-sketched strips, painted front page pictures and we are always looking for someone with a passion for infographics to help us out with the Sex Survey results.

    Email and we can discuss further the opportunities for illustrators Felix can provide.

  • Still nothing that takes your fancy? Come down to the office and get chatting with myself or with a member of the Felix team. These are pretty arbitrary roles, and there are lots of people who do a bit of everything, or find their feet with a role that is entirely their own. We are in the office every day of the week, so feel free to come down whenever is best for you.

I hope that helps!

Philippa Skett
Felix Editor 2014/2015

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