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Issue 1753
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Passing the Aux to Gabriel Kassayie

Lenzman - African Dream


in Issue 1753

Each week an Imperial student is interviewed about a song they love and want to share with Felix readers. If you have a song to share, see the link!

Gabriel's Song: Lenzman - African Dream

When did you first hear this song? 

23/09/2016 10:47am 

How old were you when you first hear it? 


How often do you listen to the song? 

Frequency varies. I have a playlist of songs I listen to a lot that moves with time. Now, it’s pretty rare that I listen to this song, but I still come back to it. 

In a sentence, describe the song 

Smooth, a little bit bubbly, comforting, subtle, airy. 

What initially drew you to the song? 

I was already a fan of the artist. I really got into DnB from about 2014, I was almost exclusively listening to DnB but was a bigger fan of the harder stuff. So, when I enjoyed the liquid tracks they stood out. 

Is there a killer moment? 

The very first part, with the one note repeating, the sheer clarity of the time that it brings me back to is insane. 

Does listening to this song put you in a certain headspace? 

The headspace it reminds me of is from the start of second year. I had just come out of first year, one of the best years of my life, and now I’m free to get back to excitement and wonder of seeing my friends. That feeling of being free. 

Is there another sense you associate strongly with this song? 

Overcast. A very, very cloudy sky (only because of the weather back then). 

How did this song affect your musical habits? 

This was a key liquid DnB track in my collection that helped me fully appreciate the sub-genre. Lead to a long time of listening to liquid.

Why do you love about this genre? 

In the genre tracks usually lack vocals, allowing you to focus more on what’s around you. It becomes part of the scene. If I listen to these songs, I can see points in my past so purely, without clouding. 

Final comments? 

Take some time to listen to music for the sake of listening to music.

Have a song you want to share? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfOkm7YrEzSuIVPWCXs4PFImF80DXt2_5S5Y1FEWYcz6GPKQ/viewform

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