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Evelyn Gardens Set To Close in 2015

According to anonymous sources, the entire network of halls in Evelyn Gardens (providing accommodation for a total of 613 students), is set to close in 2015, with student accommodation spaces being transferred to the accommodation in Acton that is under current development. The fate of the accommodation in South Kensington seems ...
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Scientists Discover Dwarf Planet

The newly discovered dwarf planet  2012 VP113 was discovered by astronomers at the Carnegie Institution of Science, Washington last week. 2012 VP113, ...
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The Felix Guide to Revision 2014 - Part 1

Most of you will be revising (or trying to) over the Easter break, either panicking or comfortably smug and prepared, ...
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What would happen if the next UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) was elected through a public vote? That’s exactly what a group of us ...
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Can you tell us a bit about your current business in the sustainability sector? Yes I can! Our name is Whotter; our team consists of myself, ...
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House of Cards from the House of Lords

How has your life changed as a result of writing House of Cards? It totally… I ...
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Elections confession

So, the elections are around the corner. I remember this time last year, I was having to make the decision about running for the Big Elections. There was the obstacle of a looming deadline for the end of term and sheer nerves, however in the end I took the plunge and decided to enter myself for the nominations. Sometimes while you consider running you can really feel self-doubt weighing you down, and you can find youasking yourself if youíre truly ready or capable to fulfil the role. Surely there are many more capable candidates than you? Right? Wrong. A lot of candidates can feel that way and in the end itís the voters that decide.    So donít be afraid to put yourself out there, you might win or you might lose. But, at least you tried to do something that you believed in and tried to make a difference... ...
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RCSU - Spanner and Bolt

Mascot Showdown

Two of Imperial’s Faculty Unions, the Royal College of Science ...
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Hartley Science: Attack of the Hornets

Here we are at the end of the first proper ...
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Turkey lone protester riot police attack.jpg

Turkey on the tipping point

This week in Turkey, peaceful demonstrations against the demolition of ...
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Stop talking, start interviewing

Ananya Das: You have a fantastic entrepreneurial career, have there ...
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Saatchi Couch

Charles Saatchi’s (Divorce) Paper

What: Paper Exhibition Where: Saatchi Gallery When: Until 3rd Nov 2013  Price: FREE   If ...
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Felix music present the best of the year so far: 2013

2013 has been a year of labels for me. Whilst ...
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Fit Cavill in tights

After the disappointment of Superman Returns that gave very little ...
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Autumn Week 13/14 highlights

Dolce and Gabbana This season’s golden collection goes to Milan Fashion ...
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Time to pack out Braid

Indie Game the Movie is a great film for games ...
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Paying in style: #yoyonotyolo

You must have seen it around these days, the proliferation ...
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Tulips in Taiziwan Garden - Frany Zhang.jpg

Hangzhou: a forgotten pearl from heaven

Hangzhou Hangzhou is the capital city of and largest city in ...
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The self-catering cheatsheet

Understandably everyone reading this article will have a different view ...
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Dark Days in Downton Abbey

At the beginning of this week’s Downton Abbey, there was ...
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An interview with Simon Singh

Calum Grant: Having written about the history of mathematics, code ...
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“Thank you very much... Goodbye.”

On Thursday 16th November 1989, a sixteen-year-old took guard in ...
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RCSU @ Freshers Fair

RCSU Freshers Fortnight: Legit review from the RCSU Office

Someone told me today that you shouldn’t write reviews of ...
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