"Keep the Cat Free"

Sport Imperial announces: “… there are no plans for student sport to take place at Teddington”

In a news statement released today, Sport Imperial announced once and for all that, despite outcry from medics, the Teddington sports ground will no longer be used.   This follows the news that College is planning to purchase a new sports ground in Heston, spanning 27 acres and provides indoor and outdoor ...
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College Animal Research Licence Holder Resigns from Role after Animals in Science Committee Report

Today during a statement by Norman Baker MP, it has emerged that the College’s Establishment Licence Holder has resigned from ...
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College Acquiring New Sports Ground in West London

College is in the final stages of buying a new 27-acre plot of land two miles from Harlington for the ...
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Anonymous (non-IC): I first remember coming across the word ‘feminism’ when I was about 9, and asking my mum what it meant. “It’s the principle”, she replied, without even ...
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Marissa Lewis and Kirstin Hay: I’ve been calling myself a feminist for about 10 years, and I started doing so for a simple reason – I believe women and men ...
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You’re gonna hear me roar

Godzilla   Director: Gareth Edwards Writers: Max Borenstein, Dave Callaham Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, ...
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Talking to the Editors

Joe Editor-In-Chief Wow, well it certainly has been a year! I started this job in October, with a small amount of training and the dusty cobwebs of my previous years of section editorship skulking miserably in the corners of my mind. Summer, as I’m sure you all know, is quite potent at clearing the mind of useful memories. I set out to redesign and expand the paper, and to some extent succeeded, I brought in new sections and recruited new Editors and writers, undergrads and postgrads alike. Over the course of the year the paper has tackled several important stories, including following the issues surrounding the halls cleaning contracts, the Union’s successful lobbying and many more that I can’t remember (this week’s has been a tiring issue).  Along with the printed words you see before you, this year’s Felix, as every year, involves the sweat, occasionally tears (but hopefully no blood) of the students who volunteered their time to edit the sections we have and I can only be grateful for their help. Without them and without you the paper wouldn’t happen. Over the last few years, and the last few Editors, we’ve tried to make ourselves more transparent and friendly to people who aren’t already involved – a task that has proven to be harder than one anticipates. However it is good to see that Philippa is also a keen proponent of change and improvement, something that will bode well for next year’s paper. Most importantly – and it is sometime hard ...
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Felix Imperial

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RCSU - Spanner and Bolt

Mascot Showdown

Two of Imperial’s Faculty Unions, the Royal College of Science ...
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Hartley Science: Attack of the Hornets

Here we are at the end of the first proper ...
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Turkey lone protester riot police attack.jpg

Turkey on the tipping point

This week in Turkey, peaceful demonstrations against the demolition of ...
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Stop talking, start interviewing

Ananya Das: You have a fantastic entrepreneurial career, have there ...
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Saatchi Couch

Charles Saatchi’s (Divorce) Paper

What: Paper Exhibition Where: Saatchi Gallery When: Until 3rd Nov 2013  Price: FREE   If ...
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Felix music present the best of the year so far: 2013

2013 has been a year of labels for me. Whilst ...
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Fit Cavill in tights

After the disappointment of Superman Returns that gave very little ...
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Autumn Week 13/14 highlights

Dolce and Gabbana This season’s golden collection goes to Milan Fashion ...
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Farting your way to glory

  If you have ever watched south park, then you probably ...
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Paying in style: #yoyonotyolo

You must have seen it around these days, the proliferation ...
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Tulips in Taiziwan Garden - Frany Zhang.jpg

Hangzhou: a forgotten pearl from heaven

Hangzhou Hangzhou is the capital city of and largest city in ...
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The self-catering cheatsheet

Understandably everyone reading this article will have a different view ...
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Dark Days in Downton Abbey

At the beginning of this week’s Downton Abbey, there was ...
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An interview with Simon Singh

Calum Grant: Having written about the history of mathematics, code ...
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“Thank you very much... Goodbye.”

On Thursday 16th November 1989, a sixteen-year-old took guard in ...
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RCSU @ Freshers Fair

RCSU Freshers Fortnight: Legit review from the RCSU Office

Someone told me today that you shouldn’t write reviews of ...
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