Welcome back! A new year, and a new term, are upon us, and 2010 promises to be a massive one in terms of sport. For starters, the winter Olympics are set to kick off in Vancouver next month.

From skiing to figure skating (not forgetting everyone’s favourite sport, curling), it should be a month of dizzying stuff in chilled conditions-and that’s just the Jamaican bobsled team.

My special mention goes to the Ghanaian alpine skier, Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, nicknamed “the Snow Leopard”. He’s Ghana’s first ever participant at a winter Olympics, but picked up skiing in…Milton Keynes. Oh, and he was a safari guide before that. Some people, I swear…Before you know it, he’ll be a champion base-jumper after trying it once in Watford, or something.

He’s not the only African to be in the sporting spotlight this year. The African Cup of Nations is going on this week and next, and is generating much interest in the run up to the football World Cup held in South Africa. Some pundits think this is the year an African team could go all the way, on their own continent…but the likes of the Ivory Coast and Cameroon will have to deal with heavyweights such as Brazil, England and favourites Spain.In any case, spectacle awaits. The World Cup rarely disappoints.

Another first this year is the initial Youth Olympic Games, to be held in Singapore this summer. I suppose it’s a chance for all the young’uns to strut their stuff on an international stage, and you never know, we might get to see the next Bolt-in-the-making. Some of the participants will definitely turn up in the London games in two years time, so be sure to keep an eye on the small city-state come August.

Closer to home, a new term means it’s time to run off all that turkey/Christmas pudding/mince pie ingested during the holidays and get back down to business.

The various leagues continue, and pretty soon all the cup matches will kick off, leading to the BUCS championship finals in Sheffield towards the end of term. Not to mention this year’s Varsity, which will be bigger than ever.

Looking at the felixSport league table, the men’s volleyball and women’s fencing teams are as yet unbeaten. Let’s hope that run of form continues; having said that, I wish the best of luck to each and every one of our teams. Keep doing your best, keep having fun; most importantly, don’t forget to write match reports and take plenty of pictures so we can tell everyone about your glorious victories (or not-so-glorious defeats-we want everything).

Thanks to everyone who sent something in last term. We need your words, and if we haven’t got anything to put in you’ll be subjected to more of this…so for everyone’s sake, help us out! We’re also working on making felixSport that much more interesting, so look out for upcoming sports features and interviews with the people who make Imperial’s clubs tick.

Right, that’s done, I think I might go for a run now. That is, once it stops snowing.