After the quickest devouring of a Nandos chicken you have ever seen, my plus one and I hopped over to watch Feeder play at Shepherds Bush Empire, one of London’s most iconic and surprisingly intimate venues.

Feeder came on to a great reception and, after forgetting the support act’s name mid-way through thanking them (awkward…), got to it straight away with a loud and energetic rendition of ‘White Lines’, taken from their latest album Renegades [spotify].

Feeder’s music has changed so much through the past two decades that fans of their new music are very different from the older fans. A bit like bringing grandparents together with uni mates at a wedding, they didn’t really mix well. At any given time, one part of the crowd would be buzzing whilst the rest would be patiently waiting for the songs they knew and loved. Luckily for the latter, the songs in the set list were far from being in chronological order so you didn’t have to wait long.

Unsurprisingly the bands most memorable songs, ‘Buck Rogers’ (he’s got a brand new carrr… you know the one), ‘Seven Days In The Sun’, ‘Feeling a Moment’, ‘Just A Day’, and ‘Find The Colour’ all brought the house down, their respective live renditions felt so invigorating and life-affirming that even the most reluctant of gig-goers found themselves shifting rhythmically in their seats.

The best thing about the gig was the humility of the band. Here is a band that shares playlists with Kings Of Leon, Killers, and Oasis but that doesn’t give off that holier-than-thou crap. They came, they played, and everyone had a really good time. Can you really ask for more?