Don’t care for synth? Tired of auto-tune? Then Todd Kuffner’s debut album, Squirrel Hunter in Training may well be the album you’ve been waiting for. Currently studying for a PhD at Imperial, Kuffner is a self-confessed musical “dictator”, which has led to this album being a solo project in it’s truest sense, with every aspect being done by the man himself.

This album is the antithesis of today’s bland, anonymous pop music – the compositions are simple yet effective and the Lo-Fi production lends a sense of intimacy to the record. The honest, heartfelt lyrics combined with melodic guitar and mandolin lines give a summery, optimistic feeling to the record and will please fans of Jack Johnson and James Blunt.

Overall, this is an excellent first release, showing that whilst we search far and wide for new music, amazing musical talent may be right under our noses.