Following the departure of Kirsty Patterson, former CGCU President, the City and Guilds College Union held elections to appoint a new President and Guildsheet Editor. The elections attracted respective candidates Dan Lundy and Richard Bennett, who attained their positions unopposed.

Guildsheet is the monthly student magazine of the Faculty of Engineering, rival to the Royal College Of Science Union’s Broadsheet magazine. The results of the elections were announced at noon on Monday. The turnout to the elections was minimal, with Lundy’s victory attributable to the forty-one votes collected. Bennett was elected by forty-seven votes, and eighteen further votes lobby to reopen nominations. Taking into account the turnout, this is a fair proportion of the total votes, especially since twenty-three voted to reopen nominations for the Presidential position.

Lundy commented on his victory that he is “very glad to be appointed president” and is “looking forward to working with the rest of the committee to provide some great social events and represent the faculty on student welfare issues.”

Lundy will lead the CGCU until the end of July, during which the entire team will focus on attaining sponsorships for next year whilst improving their financial circumstances for the future. Bennett’s position as Guildsheet editor will involve managing the monthly magazine, he commented that he “would like to thank everyone who voted” for him and that he hopes the “next edition of Guildsheet lives up to everyone’s expectations.”