Topman Ctrl are throwing free tickets at us to give to you for this show, so we’re running a mini-competition for them, just email us at with the answer to this question:

In the wonderfully weird video for “Ambling Alp”, what object are all the naked people at the end running towards?

First person to email us with the correct answer gets two free tickets. Easy.

Yeasayer describe themselves as “Middle Eastern-psych-pop-snap-gospel” but actually they’re an experimental indie band from Brooklyn, New York. They released their debut album All Hour Cymbals in 2007 and this year they released their follow-up, Odd Blood.

Silver Columns are a home-grown duo playing synth-pop folktronica rock techno (that’s journalist words for don’t-know-how-to-describe-them) that maybe sounds a bit like Hot Chip, maybe even better?

The Topman Ctrl tour involves different Channel 4 presenters hosting different bands in different cities. Nick Grimshaw is the presenter hosting this show. Now I don’t know who that is but then I don’t own a TV. Or a laptop. I can’t even watch iPlayer! Sad times.