Too much time to play the cynic, Glad to be your biggest critic, Lacking purpose and direction, But keen to give all my affection.

I do mean every word I say, But definitions change each day, Calm down dearest, no need to worry, When I’m gone you won’t be sorry.


My hands they tremble and they shake, Deep down inside I feel that ache. Time to decide a clear conclusion, Burst that brutal false illusion, Put an end to my confusion, This shouldn’t be the life we’re choosin’. Cold inside, nothing to hide, Where the fuck’s your sense of pride?


Burst from the womb, Accepting my doom, Lay me in my tomb for the worms to consume.

Beauty reborn, I’m no longer torn, Sans reason to scorn and my Mind to adorn.


Finally found myself again and it was all so clear but I’ve lost it now so I’ll sit back down and reignite that fear. With my face pushed to the floor I’ll just try not to care, It’s not a very pretty place this neither here nor there.


Toss aside that little thud and oh-so petty burns, Grow or ache be still or shake and still the world just turns.

Tiny imperfections are an inconvenient truth, Preoccupy inquiring mind or end up through the roof.

A promise is a promise and I do my best to please, The Honesty and open arms we need in times like these.

Satisfaction not despair, Only by your side mon frere, Regardless of the passing stare Just take my hand I’ll take you there.