I have somewhat of a fondness for amusing lists. They’re a quick read and perfect whether you want to you want to wind down or just procrastinate. I was therefore interested to hear of Tastes like Human, the latest book by ‘The Shark Guys’ – Noel Boivin and Christopher Lombardo.

Having written for websites like Cracked and The Huffington Post the pair are no strangers to the format and show themselves to be more than competent. The two-dozen or so lists cover a wide range of topics. With titles like ‘Top 10 Horniest Cult Leaders of All Time’ and ‘Top 10 Exploding Animals’ the book is often irreverent and outrageous, but rarely truly offensive and always funny.

There were several points at which I actually laughed out loud, such as the advice to, when leaving an audience with the Queen, “never turn your back on Her Majesty” but instead to “walk backward with your arms wind-milling behind you to avoid other people or large potted plants”.

irreverent and outrageous […] and always funny

Apart from this, there really isn’t much one can say. Tastes Like Human is good for a collection of humorous books but, as you might expect from a book of this type, it certainly isn’t anything life changing. That’s not a criticism and I would still recommend that you check it out. At 115 pages it is somewhat short but this means you don’t tire of it and that it can easily be finished by even the busiest student or slowest reader. At less than £2 for the ebook it’s certainly at least good value for money.