But for all you are is but a King, Lost out upon the sea.

His hands were crabs, his feet were fish, his soul the sea. He wept for days that could not be, he wept for years to be. He had but only two sons, both were to be of sea but one gave land his hand.

But I am your King! Are you not my brother?

I have no brother, you are but just a King to me.

Brother, Let me go, for what I did, I didn’t mean. Brother, Let me go, and have my gold, cloth and land.

A King of Gold – that weighs your boat. A King of Cloth – that catch no wind. A King of Land – that holds no fish.

You heavy my boat to the water’s edge. You set a sail of lace and You take the land from my feet. Why do you do these things to me?

Love, my King, for love. And now I leave you to the sea. Let her, the one you cast aside decide what’s to be.

The moon all but strung on a string of night. Star peppered sky peeps out from amongst the mist. Left alone, to sail upon father’s uncracked surface. Left alone, with only her, to tempt me to her lips, to fill me with her scent, to hold me in her arms.

But for all I am is but a king, Lost out upon the sea.