Imperial conferred its first Regius Professorship on Professor Chris Toumazou on Commemoration day for undergraduate students on 23 October.

Imperial received the title of Regius Professor of Engineering in January during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations; which was received for the work undertaken by Imperial’s faculty of Engineering and the technological breakthroughs it has achieved. Examples of breakthroughs range from the development of magnetic levitation to the invention of holography.

Imperial conferred the recognition on Professor Toumazou. He is an internationally renowned engineer; his achievements include the first cochlear implants that allow deaf people to hear.

Professor Toumazou said: “Receiving the very first Regius Professorship at Imperial is an incredible honour. The award acknowledges so many historic contributions to the field of Engineering by Imperial researchers over many years. In particular the field of circuits and systems where engineering solutions to medical problems has now become a core area of research. Having it conferred on me during Commemoration Day, in front of my family and thousands of graduates, makes it all the more special. Today is a day which celebrates both achievement and future potential, as so many gifted students from all disciplines mark their transition into their future careers. When I think about what lies ahead in my research field it’s incredibly exciting to be reminded of all of that talent and to consider what contributions today’s graduates will make to shape the future of science and engineering and medicine.”

The Dean of the Faculty of engineering, Jeff Magee said, “I am delighted we are able to honour Chris in this way. As a pioneer in the field of biomedical engineering, his achievements are extensive. Alongside becoming Imperial’s youngest ever professor at 33, he has published over 750 research papers and holds more than 50 patents, with inventions to his name that have transformed medical treatments and had a profound effect on people’s lives.

“The Regius Professorship recognises the world-class quality and impact of Engineering at Imperial College and Chris Toumazou is a very worthy first recipient of this prestigious title.”

Sir Keith O’Nions, Imperial’s President and Rector congratulated the new students and said:

“Your talents and educational experience mean you are well set to tackle head on the big challenges in our increasingly complex world.

It is often said that Imperial’s reputation is built by its alumni – they are our greatest ambassadors. I have no doubt that the accomplishments of this year’s graduating students will be at least as great as those who have preceded you and wish you the very best for the future”.