Elegance of making a photo:

In our day and age everything has a camera attached to it. Your phone, your mp3 player, my god, even your fridge could have a camera for all we know. Therefore it is not a surprise that your tablet has a camera. How many times have you seen someone with their tablet in the air, awkwardly trying to take a picture? Yes, I agree with you, too many times (if you are one of those people who tries to do this, I curse you to hell). Why would you use this relatively heavy device, with an inferior camera to take pictures? It is unwieldy, and compared to the camera that you could pull out from your camera the quality of the taken picture will be much worse!


These guys used to be the bee’s knees. Predicted to be the future of portable computing these guys have been almost completely forgotten. I mean, if you compare the elegance of a touch screen device which has its own dedicated OS, which does not feeling like a cut down version, and less able to actually do things. The downfall of the netbook can largely also be attributed to the lack of actual usability. They had small screens, almost non-existent memory and no RAM whatsoever. No point in carrying one around if you cannot do everything you wanted to.

Papers and Books

While I believe paper and books will never be entirely killed off in our life times, tablets have certainly lead to a revolution that has reduced the amount there are used and produced. Ebooks have taken off, leading to their own pros and cons, you see more and more students taking notes with iPads and my printing credit has sky rocketed since I got a tablet. Now I am not saying this is positive or negative, that is for you to decide, but anything that reduces even a tiny amount of the paper we waste should be considered in a positive light.

Toddlers playing creatively

I cannot count the amount of times I saw a toddler on a tablet. While inherently this is not something negative, it does make me a bit sad. Yes, there are some great apps out there that help your child learn and grow, but more often than not these kids are playing angry birds which is not as positive as you may think (e.g. subconscious hatred towards green pigs)! Playing outside and exploring the world, making a castle out of a few pillows with your imagination and just using up that boundless energy that children seem to possess is something that is lost when you hand your child a tablet. It is easier, and allows for the parents to have some downtime, but maybe once in a while spend time with your child and interact with them without the help of an electronic medium.


This may be similar to the one before, however the effect has been felt much more keenly. The internet my have started off the newspapers decline, however tablets are starting to accelerate it! Instead of having to buy your newspaper from the local agent, or having it delivered to your door, you can just download it on your tablet with no hassle whatsoever. This change in the behaviour of the consumers has alarmed some newspapers and publications so far that some have left their physical presence behind entirely and now inhabit the internet.