Alienware laptops:

If you ever imagined what a laptop in the future might look like, just take a look at these gaming laptops; the must-have gadget for any hard-core gamer. When you compare the specs of the Alienware to your average PC world or Curry’s laptops, it is light-years ahead. Carrying the latest graphics cards such as the GTX 770M, the Alienware would literally blow your mind away even when you run the most taxing of games giving you the best of frame rates at maxed out settings. With a wide range of monitor sizes to choose from, the biggest being 18 inches, these beasts don’t come cheap with your minimum base price being around £1299. One of the best features of these laptops, is that you can customize the lighting on it having a wide variety of colours to choose from to backlit your keyboard and speaker. Although it’s not the most useful thing to have when killing Nazi zombies it sure does feel badass.

Samsung KN55S9C OLED TV:

If you have around $9000 spare in cash, this is what you want. With David Katzmaier, Cnet TV expert, declaring this piece of tech delivering, ‘the best picture I’ve seen on my TV, ever,’ it sure does fit the bill. Using OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology, the image quality more than surpasses even the best of plasma and LCD screens. By providing a better contrast ratio, as in making darker blacks and brighter brights, on its 55inch curved screen, the picture really pops out making it seem so much more immersive. Of course let us not forget to mention that this TV comes with 3D technology.

Audeze LCD-3:

Ever thought that a pair of headphones can reach almost $2000? Well the Audeze LCD-3 does. This luxury headset provides life-like sound quality, removing almost all interferences and giving a near perfect frequency response, meaning you get the best levels of bass and treble. Also they don’t actually look half bad!

Apple Mac Pro:

Looking more like a kettle from the future, this new desktop designed by Apple is coming out at a spectacular price of $2999. And this time, Apple hasn’t held back in terms of the specs they’ve fired into this beauty with dual AMD firepro graphics cards working in parallel and 12GB of RAM to name a few. The company is emphasising it’s aimed at professional movie and music production, but I am sure that anyone from game to web designers or any others from the creative type are planning their budgets to get their hands on this desktop.

Sony VPL-VW1000ES:

4K projectors are used only by the best digital cinemas of the world. If you compare these with your standard projector for home or school use you would be getting four times more the resolution, which is why realistically they’re intended for cinemas. However if you’re a playboy looking to add another home cinema to your collection look no further. Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES provides stunningly clear and crisp images and not only that, but allows you to scale Blue-ray pictures up to your 4K resolution so your net left limited with the very few 4k content currently out there to actually play it on. I almost forgot to mention, they’re $16,800.

Jura Impressa J9.3 One Touch TFT:

If you ever fancied a one touch bean to cup coffee machine, Swiss manufacture Jura will have you sorted with their Impressa. With a full repertoire of drinks available at your fingertips from latte to mocha this state of the art piece of tech isn’t like your standard Imperial central Library coffee machine; it even creates a beautiful, light foam with an airy texture using its state-of-the-art foamer technology. With a price standing at £1,750, this coffee machine won’t let you down, especially when it does all the cleaning for you with its integrated rinse and clean modes doing the job for you.

Vetu Ti:

If you want that perfect luxury smartphone to go with your Audeze headphones you may consider going for the Vertu Ti. Retailing at around £7000, its just a steal for your average billionaire. For that small change you get a sapphire screen, titanium case and polished ceramic. Furthermore it runs android, so you can run all the apps that everybody else has, as well has having a gorgeous device! It’s the absolutely perfect smartphone for the rich socialite!