It is getting to everyone’s favourite time of the year again, and the capital has already decked out for the season.

From white fairy lights to giant reindeer, there’s no end to what London can dream up with.

Here’s some of my favourite.

Oxford Street

There’s nothing like the glittering Christmas light on the shopping streets to put you in the mood for holiday shopping, especially in the long, dark winter nights. Chains of circle bulbs have lined themselves up and down this major retail runway, with fairy lights wrapped around the trees.

Selfridges Christmas display

With the theme this year being Destination Christmas, the Selfridges have really outdone themselves with the otherworldly window display that literally stop people on their feet and draw their phones out for a dozen photos. Each window seems to beckons you closer, displaying a fairy tale world like no other littered with golden mannequins, beautiful dresses and unique props glowing under the coloured lighting. These gorgeous scenes have become something more like art then mere window display, and it’s definitely worth going to have a look before Oxford Street is swamped with Christmas shoppers.

Covent Garden

Despite reusing the same display every year, the enormous dangling baubles hanging off the ceiling at Covert Garden never cease to give me a sense of wonder. The red and silver bring a sense of festivities into the warmly lit space, and there is a delightful reindeer statue outside. The rearing metal statue is adorned with lights and riding on a Christmas skate, with a scattered of presents at its foot; if this doesn’t bring your Christmas spirits out, I don’t know what will.

Natural History Museum

Despite the fact that almost every Imperial students who commute walk past everyday, the scenic view of the Natural History Museum is one that I must mention. With the fairy lights wrapped around the trees, the merry-go-round and the ice-skating rink with magnetic blue and purple lighting cast over it all, it’s almost like you are glimpsing a fairy world where Christmas occur everyday.

Winter Wonderland

Whilst this popular attraction hasn’t made it to my top 3 things to do in London, there’s no denying that this Christmas wonderland offers plenty of photo opportunity. When I say that, I just mean when you are inside the park. The best view of the place is from the south bank of Serpentine, where you can see the neon lights reflected on the water.