A year when the redmond based company only really got into the news because of the numerous U-turns they did, as well as falling really far behind to Sony in the next-gen console devices. However, dropping of the kinect device as well as a lowering of the price, allows the XBone to be more competitive against the PS4.

In terms of Windows, MS have fallen somewhat under the radar, with ok sales and the release of the surface 2.


This year was dominated by first the success of the maligned iPhone 5S and C, as well as the purchase of Beats for 3.2 Billion dollars. The mood around the California company, which was so negative in 2013, has now improved and the pressure of the absence of Jobs seems now to be a distance memory. All in all, while Apple is still not completely out of the woods, the light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen. I predict good things to come in the future.


A year where Google have gone from strength to strength. Android is now the dominating operating system on mobiles as well as tablets throughout the world. Google’s stock has broken several records. However, even throughout this year they have stayed relatively anonymous. Google Glass, first heralded as an incredible breakthrough in the area of wearable teachnology, the hype has now faded, and the opporutnity has been missed.


The story of Facebook’s year is buy, buy. buy. Pretty much anything you could have thought of they bought. Whatsapp, popular messaging app, check. Oculus rift, kickstarter funded virtual reality headset, check. ProtoGeo Oy, fitness company behind the famous app moves, check. In addition Facebook has done really well this year in terms of mobile adoption and ad revenue. Considering the way the social media site is branching out, expect a productive future.


Another one of those anonymous years, Twitter has not done much in the past months. Firstly we had the closure of the failing twitt ser music, as well as an overhyped IPO. Originally starting very well, the companies stock rose and rose, before the release of its financial results, showing $500 million net loss, which led the companies value to tumble. However, they have managed to build on what they have got and rightly are being called the SMS of the internet.