Travelling on budget airline isn’t easy – you got the luggage restriction, liquid restriction and only airline magazines for entertainment. However, with their unbeatable prices you can only grit your teeth and adhere to the increasingly intricate rules of hand luggage restriction to save the extra dosh on something more worth it.

The two most popular budget airlines in UK are Ryan air and Easyjet. Surprisingly, Ryan air is the more lenient of the two and offer travelers a 10kg limit of a suitcase of 55 x 40 x 20 cm size, as well as a small bag of 35 x 20 x 20 cm dimension. Though allowing a bag up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm, Easyjet only guarantee your luggage with you if it’s smaller than 50 x 40 x 20cm and you can only take one bag.

Whilst this might not be a problem for some, those of you who are a heavy packer, like me will cry in outrage. How on Earth are we supposed to fit everything we need into such a small space? However, since I been on two one-month long trips this summer, I realised that you really can pack as little as that and still be okay, as long as you are prepared.

1) Plan your outfits two, no three times

Whether it is for a weekend getaway or a yearlong trip – choose your favourite outfits, then choose from it your favourites, then again. This will help you narrow down which really is your favourite and save you the dead weight and used space in your luggage. If you are not that picky, do it twice only. Remember that unless you are heading off into the wilderness (in which case you really need that 20kg luggage), there’s nothing you can’t buy once you get there.

2) Get those 100ml bottles from Primark or drug stores

There are really no needs to succumb into buying those small travel portion shampoo and conditioners they have in boots that costs an arm or leg. Be green and buy a set of travel bottles for 1 pound and save yourself some money. Unless you shower three times a day, a 100ml bottle of shampoo can last you for up to a month. Same goes for any of your favourite skin care products – put them into those handy little clear, circular containers. This way, you can fit a lot into your 20 x 20 cm plastic bag.

And need I remind you that you are only allow liquids in less than 100ml bottle, even if the actual content in it is less than 100ml.

P.S. despite listing make up in the list, if it’s only small things like lip balm, concealer or mascara you can usually get away with not putting it in (though it’s not a 100% guarantee, I was never penalized for leaving them out.)

3) Clear plastic bags – save some for next trip

Speaking of the clear little plastic bags, you might be shock to know that not every airport offers them for free. What? Aren’t they compulsory to put your liquids in? Yes. You can grab some (in fact, tons) for free at Heathrow and Gatwick, but if you are flying from Stansted or Luton, bring you own, otherwise you will have to pay 1 pounds for five even if you only need one.

If you are a frequent traveler, just grab a few and re use them – saves you time as well.

4) Solid body lotions

These are, on official records, not allowed on the flight. In practice, however, some friends and I had managed to get them through several times. The tip is to bring ones that are solid-like so they don’t flow. But this one is not guarantee to succeed.

5) Wear all the chucky stuff

This is especially true for shoes. If you are bring a pair of walking boots, or any chucky foot wear it’s best to conserve space by wearing it. Bundle as many layers on your body as you can, it might look weird but you are saving precious space.

6) Send in one bag as a group

If there are enough of you going together, and you all have something you desperately want to bring that is liquid (or simply running out of space) then it might be feasible to send one in together. This will make it more economical and also, if you are all in it together than no one can point fingers when you wait for luggage. This is useful for bring sunscreen and toiletries so you don’t have to do the 100ml bottles.