1 | Christina Aquilera

Can’t Hold Us Down Listen to this when: you want to refute someone’s ‘witty’ remark. As females, there’s no doubt that we’ve all experienced some kind of sexism. Sometimes, it feels easier to ignore the stupidity after a long day. However, we have to tackle the underlying issue. After listening to this song, you’ll be ready to obliterate whatever nonsensical stupidity comes your way.

2 | Destiny’s Child

Independent Woman, Pt. I Listen to this when: someone (or you yourself) tries to devalue your achievements. As an eight year old, I remember listening to this and thinking nothing of the power rhetoric this song relates. But now, ten years later, it has a whole new meaning – while your achievements in life are your own, the obstacles may not be. However, you have to believe in yourself before you can overcome whatever lies in your way. When you take responsibility, you ultimately see results.

3 | Aretha Franklin

Respect Listen to this when: you’re feeling sassy. This song never ceases to send chills down my spine. At some point in life, it is inevitable that we will encounter rude, obnoxious or arrogant behavior (it’s everyday on London transport). Instead of fighting fire with fire, put on this song and simply outclass the source of offence. Integrity simply attracts respect.

4 | Nicki Minaj

I’m the Best Listen to this when: life’s challenges make you want to give up. Nobody starts from the top. In classic early 2000s style, in this song Nicki Minaj iterates the importance of sharing the story of your journey, struggles, tears and sweat. It’s so easy to look at the finished results and forget the pain it took to get there. Whatever you want to do, you can do it and you will do it. Go forth and make it happen.

5 | Pussy Riot

Straight Outta Vagina Listen to this when: you’re sick of watching the news. How do you deal with something hideously absurd? With something wonderfully so. Russian feminist punk rock protest group have struck back at Trump with an instant classic. “The owner of vaginas is not some narcissistic stupid orange ape who’d claim that he could easily grab women by their pussies. The owner of vagina is a woman. Who wears her vag as a badge of honour.”

6 | Lilly Allen

Hard Out Here Listen to this when: someone makes a idiotic or ignorant comment. Hard Out Here is a rather comedic rebuttal to the objectification of women. After all, when you can laugh at the labels people give to you, you’re a million times closer to overcoming them.